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IBIO 341 Meiosis Homework Activity

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IBIO 341 Meiosis Homework NAME_____________________ 1 1. Below shows a simplified version of a cell dividing through meiosis whose genotypewould be “Aa”. In the circles below, diagram how the chromosomes divide throughmeiosis by illustrating how chromosomes would align along the metaphase plate (dashedline) prior to anaphase for both meiosis I and meiosis II, and then the resulting gametes.Show replicated chromosomes where appropriate and be sure to include alleles. Assumeno recombination.2. Draw a cell in Anaphase of MITOSIS:3. How is anaphase of mitosis different from anaphase of meiosis I (make sure you use thecorrect terminology in your answer)?4. How does your answer change if we ask about anaphase of meiosis II?A a Meiosis I Meiosis II GametesIBIO 341 Meiosis Homework NAME_____________________ 2 1) You are studying a diploid organism (2N = 4) to learn more about meiosis. You are followingthree markers in this cell (A, B, and D). A and B are both on chromosome 1, but D is onchromosome 2. You have an individual heterozygous at all loci, you may choose how the allelesare configured (i.e. there are multiple answers).a) draw the cell in interphase, before DNA synthesis, with condensed chromosomes (eventhough we know they are not condensed at this stage):b) Draw the cell aligning in metaphase I if no recombination took place within prophase I (besure to draw the metaphase plate):c) How many chromosomes are present in each cell after meiosis I is finished? How many copies of the A gene are present in each cell?d) Using the alignment you used in part b, what gametes (and how many cells) are produced(Draw the gametes showing all cells produced)?IBIO 341 Meiosis Homework NAME_____________________ 3 e) Draw the cell again in metaphase I, but this time illustrate independent assortment relative toyour alignment in part b (again no recombination occurred; be sure to draw the metaphase plate):f) Using the configuration found in part e, draw both cells aligning in metaphaseII (be sure todraw the metaphase plate):f) Based on your results from part e, draw the 4 gametes produced.g) Choose one alignment (part b or part e), and discuss how the probabilities of observing aparticular gamete can change relative to considering ALL possible alignments. Are they thesame? Different? Why/why not?h) Draw the expected cell products from mitosis of the cell described at the beginning of thisproblem and compare the outcomes of mitosis and

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