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Acceleration none “tion,” process 11/2/20Acromial “Akron,” point of the shoulder“ial,” having characteristics of8/31/20Acetylcholine “chole,” bile “a,” no, not, without “line,” line 10/26/20Atropine “tropo,” turn or change “a,” no, not, without 10/26/20Axillary “Axilla,” armpit “y,” characterized by 8/31/20Cervical “cervi,” neck, narrow part“al,” pertaining to 9/14/20Chromatin “a,” no or not “chromo,” color“in,” protein or substance8/31/20Chronotropic “tropo,” turn or change “chrono,” time “ic,” pertaining to 10/26/20Cochlea none “co,” together 11/2/20Compression no root word in appen. “co,” together “tion,” process 9/28/20Depression no root word in appen. “de,” down“tion,” process 9/28/20Dorsal “Dorsualis,” situated toward the posterior plane in humans“dors,” back “al” having characteristics of8/31/20Effector “ecto,” outside, external “ef,” out of 10/5/20Electrodes “electro,” electricity “de,” down 10/5/20Electromyography “electro,” electricity “graphy,” recording process 10/5/20Epinephrine none listed “epi,” upon, above 10/26/20Ethmoid none listed “e,” out “oid,” like, resembling9/14/20Excretion “reti,” network “tion,” process 9/7/20 Filtration “a,” no, not, without “tion,” process 9/7/20Gastrocnemius “cnemo,” lower leg “gastro,” belly, stomach 9/28/20 Gyrus “gyro,” turn, twist none 10/12/20 Hypertonic “tono,” force or tension “hyper,” above normal, excessive “ic,” pertaining to8/31/20Hypotonic “tono,” force or tension “hypo,” below normal, deficient8/31/20“ic,” pertaining toInguinal “Inguen,” groin, internal organ“al,” having characteristics of8/31/20Isotonic “tono,” force or tension “iso,” same or equal “ic,” pertaining to8/31/20 Malleus “malle,” hammer none 9/14/20Membrane none “em,” in, within “an,” without 11/2/20Myocardial “cardi,” heart “myo,” muscle “al,” pertaining to 10/26/20 Neurological “neuro,” nerve “ic,” pertaining to 10/5/20Odontoid “odonto,” tooth “oid,” like, resembling 9/14/20Osmosis “osmo,” push “sis,” process 8/31/20 Peduncle none “uncle,” small 10/12/20 Pronation no root word in appen. “pro,” before, in front “tion,” process9/28/20Protection “ec,” outside of “pro,” promote, in front“tion,” process9/7/20Quadrigemina “quadri,” four none 10/12/20Saccule “ sacculo,” little sac “e,” out 11/2/20Sarcolemma “sarco,” flesh, muscle “lemma, “ husk 10/5/20 Secretion “reti,” network “secto,” cut “tion,” process9/7/20 Semicircular “circ,” about, around “semi,” half “ul,” small 11/2/20Sensation “a,” no, not, without “tion,” process 9/7/20Soleus “sole,” sandal, sole of foot, flatfish none 9/28/20Sphenoid “spheno,” wedge “oid,” like, resembling 9/14/20Sulcus “sulc,” furrow, groove none 10/12/20 Ventricle none “icle,” small 10/12/20 Vertebral “Vertebra,” joint of the spine“al,” having characteristics

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