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UT CC 302 - Rome 11

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1. Introduction to Book 3a. Aeneas Embraces His Destiny:i. “Family, Man, Gods”b. Problemi. Aeneas does not know where to found a new city2. Book 3: Outline of Eventsa. Aegean:i. Thraceii. Delosiii. Creteb. Greecei. Strophadesii. Leucateiii. Buthrotumc. Italy/Sicilyi. Castrum Minervaeii. Etna/Cyclopesiii. Voyage around Sicily3. Thrace and Polydorusa. Backgroundi. Thrace – Former allies of Troyii. Priam entrusted youngest son, Polydorus to themiii. After fall of Troy, Thracians killed Polydorus and stole treasureb. Aeneas begins to build a city:c. Portenti. Bleeding ground4. The Island of Delosa. Birthplace and Cult Center of Apollo, God of Prophecyb. Apollo’s Prophecy i. “Seek your ancient mother”5. Misunderstanding the Godsa. Anchises interprets prophecy incorrectly Trucer, early Trojan ancestor, originally from Creteb. Aeneas builds another city:i. Pergamumc. Plague i. Another portentd. Another Prophecy:i. Penates appear to Aeneas in a dreamii. Tell him to seek Italy1. Dardanus, Trojan ancestor, born here6. Aeneas’ Travels So Fara. Patterns in Aeneas’ Behaviori. Rushing to fulfill destinyii. Attempting to recreate Troyb. Initial attempts are unsuccessfuli. Needs to found a new cityii. Needs to found a Roman city7. In the footsteps of Ulysses (Odysseus)a. Strophadesi. Islands in the Ionian Seaii. Home of the Harpiesiii. Kill and eat cattleiv. Harpies attackv. Celaeno curse Aeneas:b. Ithica – home of Ulysses8. Buthrotuma. Background:i. Helenus, son of Priam, Trojan seerii. Andromache, wife of Hectoriii. Pyrrhus/Neoptolemus, son of Achillesiv. Given to Pyrrhus/Neoptolemus as slavesv. Pyrrhus married Hermione (daughter of Helen)vi. Gives Andromache to Helenusvii. Orestes (son of Agamemnon) kills Pyrrhusviii. Helenus inherits land from Pyrrhus9. Yet another Prophecya. Helenus, as seer, outlines the rest of Aeneas’ journeyb. Advices him on Scylla and Charybdis c. Tells him to seek the Sibyl in Italyd. No mention of his shipwreck on Carthage 10. The Island of the Cyclopsa. Famous scene in Odysseyi. Blinding of Polyphemus11. Achaemenidesa. Character invested by Vergilb. Abandoned by Ulyssesc. Joins Aeneas mend. Difference between Ulysses and Aeneasi. Greater concern for followerse. War is over – Greeks no longer his enemy12. Interpreting Book 3a. Initial attempts to fulfill destiny faili. Does not yet understand the extent of his destinyii. Needs to let go of Troyb. Buthrotumi. Example of city Aeneas is NOT supposed to foundii. Built in the image of Troyc. Death of

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