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UT CC 302 - Rome 1

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Ancient Rome Notes 8/31/17- Boatwright, M.T. A Brief History of the Romans Art. Second Edition- Livy, From the Foundation of Rome- Aldrete, G.S. Daily Life in the Roman City- Vergil, The Aeneid translated by Stanley Leonardo- Three Midterm ExamsRoman Civilization- Physical Environs of Italy and Rome – Historical OverviewThe Mediterranean World- Geography and Environment of Italyo Mountains Alps Apennineso Seas Tyrrhenian Adriatico Rivers Tiber Po Arno Rubicono Plains Po Valley Latium Compania Etruria Magna Graeciao Resources Iron Timber Olive Vine Grain (especially Sicily)- Environs of Romeo Tiber River Had a small island in the river that made access to cross o Hills of Rome Protection Capitoline Palatine Aventine Quirinal Viminal Esquiline Caeliano Low-Lying Areas Campus Martius – “Field of Mars” Valley of Circus Maximus Forum Romanum “Rocket market” Forum Boarium “Cattle Market” Pomerium “Sacred Boundary”Overview of Roman History- Periods of Roman Historyo Early Iron Age 1000-753 BCEo Monarchy 753-509 BCEo Republic 509-31 BCEo Empire 31 BCE – 312 CE/AD- Early Iron Ageo Archeological Evidence Very Scanty – Continuous population of city Suggests habitation as early as 1000 BC Population increases c. 700 BCo Villanovan Cultureo Etruscan Cultureo Greeks in Sicily and South Italy o Literary Evidence Livy’s From the Foundation of Rome- Traditional founding of Rome 753 BC- Story first attested c. 200 BC- Reflects Roman beliefs about their origins- Aeneas, Trojan hero: establishes city in Italy- Romulus and Remus founders of Rome- Monarchyo Livy – Seven Kings of Romeo Important developments Drainage of the Forum Romanum Establishment of religious institutions, festivals, priesthoods, influenced by Etruscans Expansion of Roman power in Latium and Etruria- Republico Important Developments Construction of first road (Via Appia) and first aqueduct (Aqua Appia) City expansion extends to all seven hills and the area of the Forum Romanum and Forum Boarium expanded Territorial expansion- Late Republico Period of Civil Wars Growing power of Individuals- Julius Ceasar vs. Pompey the Greato Money, army, and political connectiono Leads to civil waro Julius Caesar assassinated- Octavian vs. Mark Anthony- Empireo Several ruling dynasties with good and bad emperors Julio-Claudian Dynasty-

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