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UT BIOL 1408 - Lecture quiz 6

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Question 1Question 2Question 3Question 4Question 5Question 6Question 7Question 8Question 9Question 10Question 11Question 12Question 13Question 14Question 15- Question 11 out of 1 pointsWhere does oxidative phosphorylation occur in eukaryotes?Selected Answer:b. Inner membrane of mitochondriaAnswers:a. In the cytoplasmb. Inner membrane of mitochondriac. Within the plasma membraned. Inside the nucleus- Question 21 out of 1 pointsWhen ATP is broken down into ADP energy is ____________.Selected Answer:releasedAnswers:releasedabsorbedboth released and absorbed at the same timethere is no change in energy in this process- Question 31 out of 1 pointsFermentation takes place in humans when there is an insufficient quantity ofSelected Answer:c. oxygen.Answers:a. glucose.b. pyruvate.c. oxygen.d. carbon dioxide.- Question 41 out of 1 pointsWhich of the following organisms uses alcoholic fermentation for obtaining energy?Selected Answer:d. YeastAnswers:a. Human muscle cellsb. Elephantsc. Bacteria used for making yogurtd. Yeast- Question 51 out of 1 pointsWhich of the following fermentation methods can occur in animal skeletal muscles?Selected Answer:lactic acid fermentationAnswers:lactic acid fermentationalcohol fermentationmixed acid fermentationpropionic fermentation- Question 61 out of 1 pointsWhich of the energy-releasing pathways requires oxygen?Selected Answer:c. Aerobic respirationAnswers:a. Fermentationb. Anaerobic respirationc. Aerobic respirationd. Calvin cycle- Question 71 out of 1 pointsWhich stage of aerobic respiration produces the greatest number of ATP molecules?Selected Answer:b. electron transport (oxidative) phosphorylationAnswers:a. alcoholic fermentationb. electron transport (oxidative) phosphorylationc. citric acid (Krebs) cycled. glycolysis- Question 81 out of 1 pointsWhere does electron transfer (oxidative) phosphorylation occur in prokaryotes?Selected Answer:b. Within the plasma membraneAnswers:a. Inner membrane of mitochondriab. Within the plasma membranec. In the cytoplasmd. Inside the nucleus- Question 91 out of 1 pointsWhich two lipids are connected to glucose metabolism?Selected Answer:a. triglycerides and cholesterolAnswers:a. triglycerides and cholesterolb. fatty acids and phospholipidsc. cholesterol and omega-3d. phospholipids and fatty acids- Question 101 out of 1 pointsGlucose is stored in the liver asSelected Answer:a. glycogen.Answers:a. glycogen.b. muscle.c. protein.d. fat.- Question 111 out of 1 pointsGTP or ATP is produced during the conversion of ________ in step 5 of the citric acid cycle.Selected Answer:succinyl CoA into succinateAnswers:isocitrate into α-ketoglutaratesuccinyl CoA into succinatefumarate into malatemalate into oxaloacetate- Question 121 out of 1 pointsThe carbons, which were originally part of glucose, enter the citric acid (Kreb's) cycle asSelected Answer:b. acetyl-CoAAnswers:a. NADPHb. acetyl-CoAc. ATPd. carbon dioxidee. lactic acid- Question 131 out of 1 pointsAnaerobic processes do not use oxygenSelected Answer:TrueAnswers: TrueFalse- Question 141 out of 1 pointsThe first half of glycolysis uses ________________ in the phosphorylation of glucose.Selected Answer:c. two ATP moleculesAnswers:a. one carbon dioxide moleculeb.two electronsc. two ATP moleculesd. one hydrogen ion- Question 151 out of 1 pointsGlycolysis takes place in theSelected Answer:b. cytoplasmAnswers:a. mitochondrionb. cytoplasmc. nucleusd. plasma

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