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ISDS 514: Decision Models for Business and Economics Spring 2021 – Sections 1 & 2 (Online) Instructor: Dr. Vahideh Abedi Class sessions: See the information on class format below Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 – 7 pm by appointment through the link on the portal (see information below) Course Portal: Titanium page titled “Spring 2021 ISDS 514-01 12410” (Note that you would be using this titanium page no matter which section you are enrolled in. But you would be able to see all deadlines and information as appropriate to your own class.) Email: [email protected] Office: SGMH 4120 Prerequisite: ISDS 513 or equivalent Objective: The objective of this course is to familiarize students with how management science methods are used to support the decision-making process. We will be looking at - Getting experienced with quantitatively formulating a business problem - How to forecast the parameters of the problem using past data - How to quantitatively analyze the problem using Management Science and Optimization techniques, and formulate viable recommendations - Using appropriate Management Science software tools Format of class: This is an online course and the coverage of a core part of the material would be through my pre-recorded videos and slides that gives the most flexibility to students. But we will meet almost once every week during regularly scheduled class times. The main purpose of the class sessions is to go through some examples of class material live, to answer questions on class material, and conduct reviews particularly before the exams. Given the purpose of the class sessions, we typically do not meet for the whole duration of each class session. The remaining class time is designed for you to go over the announced class material and be ready for the next class session and any homework due. Therefore, it is very important that you stay on schedule of material coverage as assigned throughout the course so that you would be able to follow discussions during class sessions.2 Attendance at the first day of class, all exam review sessions, and the exam sessions is mandatory. But it is strongly recommended that you attend all class sessions, as many important information may be discussed during class sessions, and you would have an easier time communicating with me and your classmates and getting your questions answered (in addition to office hours). The main form of course material would include slides, video recordings of class material, and Excel data and solution files. All links will be provided on the Titanium course portal. To keep you on track of the material, there is a page on the course Titanium page, titled “PROGRESS PLANNER”, which would be updated at the beginning of each week. The PROGRESS PLANNER page would outline the material that needs to be covered over each week, the upcoming deadlines, as well as the timing of upcoming online class sessions for the week. Whenever I update this page about the upcoming week, an email announcement about it would be sent too. The links to recordings of class sessions will also be posted on this page after each class. So make sure that you visit this page regularly. We will be meeting through Zoom mainly through the following link (same link is posted on the portal too): OR use Meeting ID: 97978667409 However, there is a small chance that we might need to switch the medium of communication from Zoom to another equivalent software such as Google Meet, Skype or similar. In that case, all information and updated communication links would be provided in advance on the portal. Format of Office hours: In order to attend the office hours, you would need to sign up for the time slot that you would like to meet with me (up to 15 minutes before the start of that time slot) on the link titled “Signing-up for office hours – ISDS 514” on the portal. The link is included below for easier reference as well: This is to ensure that I know I should be expecting you and I can pace students coming in to reduce wait times. I may not be able to meet with you if you come to office hours without any sign-up made for that time slot on the portal. After sign up, you can meet with me through Zoom with the following link (different link than class zoom link). This link is also posted on the portal: OR use Meeting ID: 315652775 Multiple students can sign up for a given time slot, as some students prefer to listen to questions from other students. But if you would like to meet with me privately during office hours, please3 specify that at the time of booking the appointment. Otherwise, I may allow other students to meet concurrently. The office hour Zoom link has a waiting line enabled, and if I am meeting with another student that has requested a private meeting or meeting with a student from another class, I will admit you to the meeting as soon as I can. If your plans have changed and you can no longer make your appointment, please be mindful and cancel your appointment on the portal so that other students can sign up instead. If you can make the regular office hour time, please try your best to do so. But if for any reason, you cannot make the regular office hour times, please let me know by email that this is the situation you are facing, and we can try to schedule for a time. Recommended Textbook: Ragsdale, Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis, 7th ed. Cengage Other required material will be posted on the Titanium course portal. Required Software: • Microsoft Excel with Data Analysis & Solver Toolpacks (installation instructions are provided on the portal). You also need to have a very basic computer skill in working with Microsoft Word and Excel. Microsoft Office for both Mac and PC computers can be downloaded for free from campus IT website: • You need to have Chrome browser and Proctorio Chrome plug-in installed on your computer for both PC and Mac users. You would not be able to take the exams without Chrome and Proctorio plug-in installed. • You need to be able to use Zoom for class meetings, office hours, and during the exams (tutorial: You need to have Zoom app installed on your

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