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UTC PSY 1010 - Unit #5 Assignment

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Unit #5 AssignmentAnswer the following questions about Eyewitness Testimony. Please be specific and thorough in your answers. Please review the assignment rubric so you are aware of the grading expectations. 1. Imagine that you are a juror in a murder case where an eyewitness testifies. In what ways might your knowledge of memory errors affect your use of this testimony? Keeping in mind that people may remember things that never actually happened, or simply remember them different, I would take into consideration the testimonies- but I would want to see physical evidence that backs up the testimony. It is important to remember that people are innocent until proven guilty- not the other way around. The justice system is not a place for opinions.2. How true to life do you think television shows such as CSI or Law & Order are in their portrayal of eyewitnesses? Just as most of the depictions of the legal process in those shows, I believe the shows often exaggerate what would really happen in real life. The shows like to be elaborate in how precise eyewitnesses are and how credible they are. In real life, eyewitnesses are not always going to be someone of high importance. It could even be a homeless man.3. Describe in detail research into the study of false memory and the importance of this research. Researches used undergraduates and asked the family members for stories of events that occurred in the student’s life. The researchers would then ask the students about 4 events, asking if they remembered each event; however, one of the events came from the researchers, not the family. They used one study of telling the story that they were lost in the mall and rescued by an adult. 25% believed this event when it actually did not happen.The importance of this is memories can be corrupted, intentionally or unintentionally. This can be dangerous when people’s lives are at stake- such as if placed on trial. Innocent people could potentially be sentenced for a crime they did not

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