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UMass Amherst OIM 210 - OIM 210 Exam Preview

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210 Exam Preview 2.17.29When:Why are the charts important?55 minutes- Taken on Feb.22nd50 T/F questions for a total of 15 points Chapter 2 and 3 tech strategy and Zara3 excel concepts- The danger of relying on Tech- Tech can be copied Tivo, Snapchat vs. Instagram. AChapter 2:Move 1st or die, the first-mover disadvantage= not true look at Amazon. Tech doesn’t matter, it’s a commodity, easily copied. Sustainable From live meeting-Questions:Asking about Tivo (example of what can be Instagram copied snapchat, Tictoc copied snapchat.FedEx copies Tech alone will not give you sustainable advantage.No such as luck in the business world, how did Amazon get lucky?- Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.What is operational effectiveness- commodity vs. Differentiated goodsFast foller problems and straddling (for example)Resource based view of competitive advantage- Does tech have all of these – no it does notIs it substitutable-can create assets and fuel assets that have If you are early you need to have the right technology. How we take advantage of the time and tech.What is five force model. Price transparency and information asymmetryWhat are the 5 parts of the porters 5 force model. Chapter 3:Gap went down in flames, did not guess well, data was not used. Base decisions on data. No opinion, guesses. They relied on outsourcing.Incentives for Zara to use tech- incentive their employees, What does inventory turnover mean? High vs. low. Higher you are selling faster, low stuff is staying on the shelves.Vertical integration- control over most of the parts. We discussed apple. Small lot advantages- less room for erroAdvertising – not at all- pointless Write offsLoyaltyRFID- huge advantage- major success. They can control what they produce, limited runs. Used tech to create valuealbe, not substitutable, CBCharts are important to make complicated data understandable to a large audience with visuals based on the audience.Why create data headers. We know what the column is. Shortcuts- save time and effort.Tivo- they relied on tech they got copied.Under each folder- case studies.Powerpoints and case

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