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Jingxuan Guo10/19/2020MACS101-Section EChapter7 assignmentBlurred LinesSeven years ago, Robin Thicke's Blurred lines became a global hit on YouTube in a short period of time, and it has received 690 million views so far. The video featuring rappers, Pharrell Williams and TI made this video so popular because the content of this video sparked controversy among feminist activists, because the lyrics about women in the video implied the "blurred boundaries of consensual sex" ". There is also an imitation video "defined lines" that is the opposite of this video content. In order to criticize the original video, the video shows three naked men dancing with women in clothes. They accomplish this by reversing men in the Blurred line, transforming the respect they deserve and expect.From the perspective of negotiated reading, I think defined lines try to describe women's status higher than men. This does respond to and criticize the views in the original video, but on the contrary, men and women are not equal. I think defined lines can better respond to Blurred lines, and it should express "feminism" through equality between men andwomen. And more people with different skin colors can be added to the video, which will make the video more inclusive and diverse, and better respond to the original video. The equality of women and men in the world is what feminism pursues.From an oppositional reading, for example, the video wants to prove a point about women being sexualized. However, some people will dispute that not all men treat women as in the lyrics, and many men give women the utmost respect. I think defined lines are in some ways just reversing the content of Blurred lines. For example, women think that sexualizing and exploiting are incorrect. Is it correct to treat men in this way? Therefore, defined lines arejust satirizing the original video, and have not established a true point of view of

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