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Jingxuan Guo11/04/2020MACS101-Section EChapter9 assignmentAlternative media has a great influence on the democratic society and also played a big role. It is very different from mainstream media. In the classroom, we learned what Alternative media is. Activist, participatory, and community are three major forms of alternative media. The media I choose is one that people use every day. It is YouTube. I will analyze it from ownership, workforce and programming.YouTube is a community media. It allows every user to upload content they want to share on the platform. This kind of interactive media communication allows more people to interact in this community, get what they want in the public area, and make contributions. And attract and accommodate more users to join this media. Different from mainstream media, YouTube can use some ways to control the content they want users to watch, and it will promote some media products of the media platform. Such as "member", "TV", "music". And put ads on the video homepage and when watching the video. These may lead to the completeness and continuity of video viewing, which further proves that as an alternative media and community, it considers things different from mainstream media.Secondly, as mentioned above, YouTube is a community media. Its functions and workforce are still user-centric, with the purpose of serving every user in the community. Thecore of YouTube's operation is to give users a better experience, participate and integrate into the community. YouTube will also give financial support to high-quality video authors, which not only motivates more users to create their own works, share content, but also attract more users to watch and accept the existence of advertisements. Maintain the long-term vitality of a media and community, because every second there are many users uploading new videos, so that the entire platform is always full of fresh content and information.In terms of programming, YouTube provides users with various types of content. People fromdifferent regions and different hobbies can use YouTube as a means to communicate and obtain the information they want. Users can post comments and express any ideas. It provesthat YouTube is a free, democratic, inclusive and diverse media. "YouTube was applied as a method for campaign promotions during the 2007" Gibson (2011), it can be seen that even in politics, YouTube still plays a key role, and it is an equal and democratic

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