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SIU AMS 401 - Exam 1 Study Guide

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View as Text/ MGMT 345: Computer Information Systems Exam 1Study GuideWithin the following, please note that I have preceded some with an “AQ” or “AA” meaning that statement or statements are either the actual question or actual answer. 1. AQ What are the names of your TAs?2) Know the difference in the left and right sides of my “Rosetta Stone” of data chart. 3. AQ Within the hierarchy of data, what is the highest level of understanding and usefulness? 4. Know the megatrends that shape the digital future.5. Relate Advanced IT processes to sustained competitive advantage.6. Definition of offshoring.7. Data privacy or lack thereof in the US vs Europe.8. AQ The various services offered by Google, such as Gmail (e-mail), Google Drive (word processing), or Google Calendar, are good examples of ________.9. AQ Which of the following terms means "knowing how to use a computer"?10. Difference between these:AAA) the Internet of ThingsB) the Broad InternetC) the Industrial Internet of ThingsD) the Wireless Internet Network11. Definition of big data.12. Outsourcing.13. Define digital divide.14. AQ Which of the following statements is true about data?15. Different IT positions in companies.16. AQ The process of connecting separate information systems and data to improve business processes and decision making is known as ________.117. AQ Which of the following types of information systems facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing?18. Difference between:AAA) supply chain management systemB) electronic commerce systemC) intelligent systemD) collaboration system19. Transaction processing systems.20. AQ The purpose of a(n) ________ is to support and integrate all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and so on.21. Office automation system.22. Difference between:AAA) electronic commerceB) geographic informationC) virtualization and data miningD) supply chain management23. AQ With respect to the types of information systems used in organizations, an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) system is an example of a(n) ________ system.24. Difference between:AAA) virtual ethicsB) social informaticsC) cyber securityD) computer ethics25. AQ ________ is concerned with what information an individual should have to reveal to others in the workplace or through other transactions, such as online shopping.26. AQ Which of the following statements is true about the companies operating in the online world and a customer's online privacy?27. Know the difference between these:AAA) strategicB) tacticalC) operationalD) managerial228. Same as 27.29. Same as 27.30. Know the difference between these:AAA) best-cost providerB) decreased market shareC) low-cost leadershipD) broad differentiation31. AQ ________ is the process of analyzing an organization's activities to determine where value is added to products and/or services and what costs are incurred for doing so.32. AQ With respect to the components of a business model, ________ is the utility that the product/service must offer to customers.33. AQ The term given to a company that is first to enter a market thus creating a competitive advantage is ________.34. AQ Which of the following is NOT one of Porter's five primary forces?35. AQ ________ reflect(s) the organization's specific assets that are utilized to achieve cost or product differentiation from its competitors.36. Know the difference between:AAA) Affiliate marketingB) FreemiumC) Channel marketingD) Licensing37. Know the difference between:AAA) CapitalizingB) eLoansC) Internet fundingD) Crowdfunding38. AQ According to ________, the number of transistors that could be squeezed onto a silicon chip would double every 18 months.39. AQ ________ are new technologies, products, or services that eventually surpass the existing dominant technology or product in a market.40. Know the name of the current design of computer hardware that involves input, output, control and memory units which all integrate with an arithmetic and logic unit. 341. Know the difference between:AAA) Discrete componentB) Sim cardC) Vacuum tubeD) Integrated circuit42. AQ Which of the following is NOT part of the motherboard?43. AQ Which of the following is not an example of an operating system?44. Know what an operating system does.45. Know what is, and what is not an application program. 46. Know what the first iteration of the Internet was.47) LAN 48) Know the difference between:AAA) Telephone cableB) Ethernet cableC) Coax cableD) Fiber optics49. WWW vs. Internet50. Know what a data warehouse is for.

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