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IUPUI BIOL 105 - BIOL 105 Exam 1 Review

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BIOL 105 Exam 1 Review (To be submitted as a typed copy on Feb 19 th 2018)Lesson 11. What is Science?2. List all the steps in the Scientific Method and define each step. 3. Distinguish between inductive and deductive reasoning.4. Identify the features of good experimental design5. Define the following terms:a. Independent Variableb. Dependent Variablec. Experimental ControlsLesson 21. List the basic themes of life. 2. List the characteristics of life and explain each one listed. 3. What is the smallest unit of life?4. What is evolution and how does it impact biology?5. How are organisms classified? What is the naming system called?Lesson 31. Define the following terms:a. Atomb. Moleculec. Atomic Numberd. Atomic Masse. Daltonf. Isotope2. What is a valence electron?3. How are the following bonds formed?a. Ionicb. Covalentc. Hydrogen d. Van der Waals forces. 4. What are oxidizing and reducing agents? How can they be identified in a ReDox reaction?5. How do you categorize a chemical as an acid or a base? What are buffers and how do they function in living systems?Lesson 41. What are functional groups? List the groups and the organic macromolecules they are associated with.2. What are isomers?3. Distinguish between a monomer and a polymer.4. Name the reactions that build up polymers; Name the reactions that breakdown polymers. 5. List all the amino acids with their characteristics (non-polar, polar, polar charged etc). Lesson 51. List the different types of microscopes and their specific uses. 2. What is the cell theory? 3. Why are cells usually small? 4. List all the membrane bound organelles in a cell and their respective functions.5. How does the nucleus control the cell’s activities?Lesson 61. What are microtubules? What is their function?2. What are microfilaments? What is their function?3. What are intermediate filaments? What is their function?4. Explain the different types of cell to cell interactions between animal cells.5. Explain the cell to cell interactions between plant cells. Lesson 71. Describe the structure of the plasma membrane. Why is it called an amphipathic membrane. 2. Distinguish between passive transport and active transport.3. What is diffusion? 4. Describe osmosis and how it relates to the living cell.5. Distinguish between pinocytosis and phagocytosis. Lesson 81. What are the main characteristics of prokaryotes?2. What are the different types of cell walls seen in bacteria and how do we distinguish them?3. What are the methods with which bacteria reproduce?4. What are facultative and obligate features in aerobes and anaerobes?5. What are the different methods by which prokaryotes obtain

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