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NFL Nationals 2011Dallas, TXInstructor: Wendi BrandenburgCentennial High School, Frisco TXIntroduction to Coaching SpeechNameSchool/statePositionHow longBackgroundAreas of expertiseGet to Know You“Building a Successful Speech & Debate Team – Novice Coach Guide”⚫ What is speech & debate?⚫ The Events⚫ The benefits⚫ Recruiting/Marketing⚫ Welcome to the Team⚫ Vocab⚫ Syllabus⚫ Grading⚫ Lessons⚫ Beginning of the year⚫ Forms⚫ Team captains⚫ Fees, etc.⚫ Preparing events⚫ At the tournament⚫ Tournament rules⚫ Judges⚫ The End of the year⚫ Banquet⚫ AwardsGetting Things Ready for the Year⚫ Discover your budget⚫ Will you need to fundraise?⚫ Where will your Team members come from?⚫ Class schedule⚫ “Club” after school⚫ Set your tournament schedule⚫ Create a Team roster⚫ Decide what technology you will use⚫ Create a Team website⚫ Create Edmodo groups⚫ Set up a Photo Share Site⚫ Have a Team meeting⚫ Elect Officers⚫ Have a Parent meeting⚫ Collect dues and forms⚫ Order Team t-shirtsTournament Events⚫ DEBATE⚫ Cross Examination (Policy)⚫ Lincoln-Douglas⚫ Congressional Debate⚫ Public Forum⚫ SPEECH⚫ Extemp (US and Foreign)⚫ Original Oratory⚫ Impromptu⚫After Dinner⚫ INTERP⚫ Humorous⚫ Dramatic⚫ Duo⚫ Duet⚫ Prose⚫ Poetry⚫Program (POI)Governing Organizations⚫ Who will host your tournaments?⚫ Texas Forensic Association ⚫ local area tournaments⚫ State tournament⚫ UIL⚫ District 4A tournament⚫ Regionals & State⚫ National Forensic League⚫ NFL District tournament⚫ NFL National Tournament⚫ Tournament of Champions⚫ Extemp⚫ Congress⚫ Debate⚫ Interp/OratoryRecruiting⚫ Create a visible and attractive bulletin board⚫ Link your website to your school’s website⚫ Send updates, photos and success stories to your school & district website⚫ Put up CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK posters⚫ Ask for trophy case space⚫ Make friends with your school’s TV station director and newspaper sponsor ☺⚫ Send in morning announcements after tournaments⚫ Have a Spring orientation meeting before scheduling deadlines for the next yearRecruiting⚫ Ask to make presentations to middle school classes (GT, Theater, etc.)⚫ Ask to make presentations to your school’s AP classes⚫ Have your students bring in friends they think would like to join⚫ Post the benefits⚫ Honor Society membership & cords⚫ Training for college⚫ Communication skills⚫ Potential awards, scholarships, honors⚫ Friends and contacts⚫ Confidence⚫ FUN! ☺Coaching Basics⚫ Don’t try to do to much your first year!⚫ You don’t have to offer all of the events⚫ Balance your tournament life and social/family life⚫ Ask your principal what s/he expects⚫ Ask for help⚫ Allocate tasks to your student Officers⚫ Utilize class time as much as possible to keep from staying too late after hours⚫ See if you can share transportation with another school⚫ See if you can share tournaments with another coach⚫ Have a Team momSome Great Websites!⚫ NFL online⚫ Enter student’s points⚫ Find debate topics⚫ Watch performances and topic tutorials⚫ Start your donation site⚫ Community chat & lots of resources⚫ Centennial HS website⚫ Drop Box⚫ Edmodo⚫ Coaching Speech⚫ Online stopwatch⚫ Image Market⚫ Shutterfly⚫ Prezi⚫ Joy of TournamentsQ & A ?????Brandenburg’s cell: 972.979.8312Email:

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