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Kaleb Thibodeaux Ms. Sayamon UNIV 1201 8 December 2020 Virtual Knowledge Quest 1. From UGA Miller Learning Center (MLC) to the Athens Clarke County Library (Baxter Street). Head straight on Baxter Rd. and it will be on the left, across from the IHOP. 2. UGA North Campus Quad (Broad St) to AMC Dine-In Athens 12 Cinema (Lexington Road). North South Connector 3. UGA Main Library to Showtime Bowling Center (Macon Hwy). Central Loop 4. From the Arch to the Botanical Gardens. Take Arch Express 5. From the Health Sciences campus to Sanford Stadium. Health Sciences Bus Route ● +1 The Health Sciences campus was only recently acquired by UGA. What did it used to be? Coordinate College. It was used only as dormitories for freshmen and sophomore women. 6. From East Campus Residence Halls to the Main Library. East Campus Shuttle 7. From Ramsey to the Science Library. East Campus Shuttle 8. From Tate Theater to Foley Field. North South Connector ● +1 Which UGA sports team competes at Foley field? Baseball 9. From the Special Collections Library to the Coliseum. East Campus Shuttle● +1 Which UGA sports teams compete at the Coliseum? UGA Basketball and Gymnastics 10. Jackson Street Cemetery to 5 Points. Prince - Milledge 11. What part of town is considered Normaltown? Normaltown is a neighborhood by the Athens Regional Medical Center and named for the State Normal School formerly located there. 12. Athens houses the only remaining vaudeville theater on the National Register of Historic Places. What is the name of this theater? The Morton Theatre 13. Explain what “The Tree That Owns Itself” is. The Tree That Owns Itself is a white oak tree, widely assumed to have legal ownership of itself and of all land within eight feet of its base 14. Athens is named after Athena, the Greek goddess of Wisdom, where in town can you find Athena’s statue? outside the Classic Center and facing downtown Athens 15. Who is Athens' airport named after and what did he accomplish? Ben Epps was critically injured in a crash at Athens in 1935 and in 1937, he was fatally injured in a take-off crash at the Athens airport, which is now named in his honor. 16. Who is Fred Birchmore and why is he famous? Birchmore was known for riding a bicycle around the world and walking down the steps of the Washington Monument on his hands, and also gave generously to the community. 17. What year was UGA chartered? 1785 18. Who was UGA’s first President? Abraham Baldwin 19. Who is UGA’s current President? Jere Morehead 20. What was UGA’s first mascot? Billy goat21. What year were women first admitted to UGA? 1919-1920 22. Who are Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes? The first two African-American students admitted to the University of Georgia. 23. What is a Double Dawg? Allows students to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years or less. 24. Who is UGA’s current Provost? And explain what is a University Provost. Jack Hu oversees instruction, research, public service and outreach, and information technology at the University of Georgia. 25. What is the name of UGA’s original football field? Herty Field 26. What does it mean to play “Between the Hedges”? Play at Sanford Stadium in between the bushes. 27. Tell me one other uncommon thing about UGA’s current football field. There is a creek running under the stadium. 28. What are Silver Britches? The handsome pants, complimented by a bright red jersey, made for a striking uniform. 29. Name UGA’s 5 Dining Halls. Bolton, Snelling, Oglethorpe, Niche, Summit 30. What are the Peabody Awards? Names 30 winners for the best story telling at

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