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MARIST FASH 265 - FASH 265 __ Assignment #1 (1)

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Professor Davidson Fash265-112 Homework Assignment #1 1) Describe and discuss the Total Retail Experience and types of customer services that would typically be found at the following retailers: (20 pts; 5 pts each retailer) 7-Eleven - The retail experience for 7-Eleven is an overall rating of 3.6. One employee wrote that it is a “Very laid back place to work. My workmates were very nice. Management was very good. Was kept busy all shift which was a good thing. Was taught things in an efficient manner.” while another employee wrote that the “Manager Is not nice has serious anger and rage issues. You do not get trained other than the register and you don’t get any raises like promised in the interview.” She even said that “some days you will be left on your own with no help and no breaks all day.” The types of customers that come into the store are said to be “addict after addict” or “hard to please.” Other employees stated that while some customers are rude the majority of customers are very nice and overall great people. I think that the location of the store has an effect on the retail experience and the customers that come in. Target- Target has had a number of challenges over the past few years, from abruptly closing all of their Canadian stores to a 2016 earnings shortfall, plummeting stock price, and a rather negative sales outlook for 2017. Target is said to bring about a performance turnaround by taking aim at a revised store experience for customers. The retail experience for Target is an overall rating of 3.7. One employee states that “Target was a very friendly, fun place to work. Interacting with coworkers and customers easy. The job was relaxing and simple to learn tasks needed. Products in the store were easy to locate when restocking shelves or helping a customer find what they are looking for.” While the overall employee has had a great experience with Target, there are a few that did not. There are multiple employees that said they did not even train you to do your job, as well as management, did not even care about you. About 58-62% of targets customers are in the age range of 18-44. I did not read many reviews that someone complained about the customers. The customers are said to be very nice and respectable. Macy’s - The overall rating for Macy’s is a 3.7. One employee wrote that “a day mostly consisted of helping customers find their desired shoe and cleaning up after their messes” and The most helpful, nicest, amazing staff I have ever worked with. Whenever you needed someone to help you or had a question someone was always there for you.” She also said that “the benefits of working at the store are probably the most amazing, the nicest stuff I’ve ever seen.” although many of the comments were positive, another employee wrote “There is no room for growth and the sales are attainable but the credit card goals are not. They push open credit cards so much that they forget customer service is important.”another employee wrote that “It was always something new every day that I worked there that made the job feel like an adventure.” A few employees mentioned that a typical Macy's customer was great but there was a select few that were overall very rude. Nordstrom - The overall rating for working at Nordstroms is a 4.0 with around 9.5k reviews. Upwards of 9k people gave a 3.0 or higher rating. One employee wrote that “everyone is friendly and they keep the place very clean, hours are decent, and if you want to move up in the company there is a strong chance that you will.” Another customer said “I loved my time there. I was promoted 3 times in my 4-year stay! You're definitely given room to move up in the company. And you can even go help open new locations throughout the country!” Overall the employees are satisfied with their choice of working with Nordstroms. Nordstrom’s has a few new stores opened but plans to open more stores that will have personal stylists, manicurists, a tailor and plenty of wine. At the Nordstrom Local, there won’t be any merchandise for sale. No clothing, no shoes, no accessories. Instead, Nordstrom Local will serve as a gathering ground for customers to chat with employees, pick up online orders and drop off returns. Stylists will be available to put together personalized recommendations. 2) List and describe one Retailer/Brand for each Distribution Type–Exclusive, Intensive, Selective. (15 pts) Exclusive: suppliers make agreements with one or few retailers that designate the latter as the only ones in a specified geographic area to carry certain brands or products- An example of one brand that is exclusive is Rolex. If Rolex watches wants a distributor in a certain region, they know it cannot have showrooms everywhere because it will weaken the brand equity. Rolex will then appoint an exclusive distributor for that region. When moving into another region, Rolex will most likely use the same distributor so it will not, once again, weaken the equity of the brand. Intensive: suppliers sell through as many retailers as possible - An example of a brand that is intensive is Hershey's chocolate bars. You will be able to find a Hershey's bar practically everywhere you go, whether it’s the supermarket, gas station, drug store – you name it. Manufacturers typically use this strategy to raise product awareness. After all, Hershey’s bar is likely to become recognizable when it’s been placed in several locations. Selective: suppliers sell through a moderate number of retailers - This type of distribution is best suited for companies that want to maintain quality. It is no surprise that luxury goods manufacturers often choose selective distribution. An example of a brand that is selective is Dolce & Gabbana. High-end companies that produce exceptional quality clothing and accessories are more likely to use selective distribution. For example, you may find Dolce & Gabbana products in stores like Neiman Marcus but not at Walmart or Target. 3) Read the appendix: Understanding the Economic Downturn (Chpt1 - pg 20-23) Research and discuss an article of a retailer (2017/2018 ONLY) which illustrates one of the strategic options described that are available to retailers during this economic recovery period. (15 pts)- One of the strategic options described for retailers is re-examine the role of price. As an employee at Old Navy, I know a lot about their price

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