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MARIST FASH 265 - FASH 265 __ Assignment #4 (1)

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Professor Davidson Fash265-112 Assignment #4 This profile should list: Overall target market segment: Your retailer will represent one of the following segments: ○ Identify which generational cohort your retailer is trying to appeal to. ■ Ulta is trying to appeal to Generation Z ○ What are the cohorts characteristics? ■ Gen Z is the technological and advanced generation of mankind made up of mostly tweens and teens ■ Ages range from currently 9-23 years ■ A generation born with technology and we live through it more than we live actual life itself ■ GZ likes to express their thoughts and feeling and particularly do that through social media ■ GZ is more connected in a sense with the uses of technology ○ Why is this cohort an important one for retailers? (10pts.) ■ Gen Zs, when shopping, value individuality, innovation and creativity. For people in GZ, they need to buy items that fit their aesthetic and appeal to their personal tastes. GZ influences the success of every brand and retailer even if they are not a customer. They have the ability to be able to connect instantly. Winning fashion brands are the ones who are most closely intertwined in the youth market. They are evolving and adapting to the interests of this generation which helps the brands. GZ is authentic and their style portrays that while other brands who portray unrealistic perfection is not what GZ is about.Demographics and lifestyles of the specific consumer of your retailer. How does this person spend their time and money? What is important to THIS SPECIFIC consumer segment? (15pts.) ○ Actors: the people in their lives, their circle, and how it influences them ■ The real time person that GZ is influences by is Gigi and Bella Hadid, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner. For Gen Z celebs, it is all about family. Gen Z also grew up with the app Vine and through that app we have been introduced to people like Logan and Jake Paul, King Bach, and Amanda Cerny who have a big influence on the tween part of GZ. ○ Activities: the things they do in their daily life ■ On average Gen Z spends upwards of 3 hours per day: watching videos online, messaging friends, and scrolling through social media. Gz also spends time listening to music, playing video games, and spends a lot of time and money shopping in store but mostly online. ○ Atmosphere: the places they like to go ■ Gen Z is a group who overall love to travel to new places that are instagram or snap worthy. They also spend their money on the hottest new trendy food or makeup products posted by an influencer. But, for the most part, GZ just wants to stay in, watch Netflix, and order takeout. ○ Artifacts: the things they have ■ Generation Z is always up to date on the latest technology. Whether it is the new iphone, computer, or even headphones they are on top of it.Their motives, shopping attitudes & behavior. What drives this specific consumer? (15pts.) ● What drives these specific consumers is the abundance of advertisement by influencers on social media, specifically instagram. The Gen Z population are social media junkies which contributes to their impulsive consumer behaviors. This also plays a role in their desire for instant gratification since they lack patience. For instance, if they see a pretty model with a nice body modeling clothes for a well-known brand, this will drive them to purchase whatever is being advertised due to their desire to look just like that

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