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MARIST SOC 101 - Sociology Extra Credit 2 __ Movie Out in the Night (1)

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SOC101 Extra Credit 1) Throughout the film are there notable differences made between Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity? Provide specific examples from the film. a) The women in the film identified as gay. They felt comfortable in the West Village in New York City where they could be among others like them. Patreese talked about how they wanted to go into the bars, meet people and get a few numbers and go home. They were not there to meet men and the guy outside the IFC Theatre made his remarks and said only one of them was somewhat attractive. He did not like their response. The group felt threatened and decided to defend themselves. The newspaper wrote it was a gay straight bashing. b) Other examples of the differences between sexual orientation and identity: newspaper references to “Crotching” tiger and “I’m a Man” the Lesbian growled. c) During the interview with Renata she talked about how she could not wear boxers in prison and how much it bothered her to wear women’s underwear. She also referred to herself as a gentle dyke by opening the door for her women friends. 2) Do you see evidence that race, gender, and sexuality play a role in the outcome of the case? Why or why not? Provide specific examples to support your answer. a) There was evidence that the women’s race, gender and sexuality were major components for the results in this case. The group of women were called a gang of dykes or lesbians by the press. The charges were severe, excessive and termed as gang assault. He said Because he made a comment and then was attacked. One of the News Post reporters said the prosecutor presented the case as the man’s attack was unprovoked and that he suffered major injuries. That fact was disputed in one of the women’s appeals but did not change the sentence even though the jail term was reduced. Reva McEacern wrote an article about being young, black and a lesbian and how people have to be on guard and that you are perceived as a threat even though they don’t know you. There were other examples of black women trying to defend themselves but were still charged. The police could not find the man in the “pink shirt” that was involved in the fight. He jumped in to defend the women. Also, the police dispatch tape was not used where the exchange between the dispatcher and NYPD police officer said it was not gang activity. The officer said it was a pen knife and called the whole thing nonsense.3) Do you feel that their class/social stratification played a role in the way women were perceived? Why or why not? Provide specific examples to support your answer. a) The class/social stratification of the women played an important part in the way the group was perceived in the media and society. The women were from Newark, NJ in a neighborhood where there was drugs, gang and poverty. Bill O’Reilly during his show said that they were a gang from a lower socioeconomic background that went out terrorizing people. The women pointed out that the police never came except when there was a death in Newark. They had no faith in the police and would not call 911. They were referred to as a posse and a gang of lesbians in the papers. People said the group was from the “hood”. Patreese, the smallest woman carried a knife for protection. She was defending herself and felt threatened. 4) Are there any major political movements that have either assisted or hindered the LGBTQ population? Please provide at least 2 movements from the film or the text to support your answer. a) There were several movements that assisted the LGBTQ community in the film. There was the protest or rally organized by the FIERCE group when the girl, Sahia Gunn, was stabbed in Newark by the men when she told them that she was gay. Angela Davis was also a supporter of the LGTBQ population and spoke at a rally about the options when women, especially black and gay, are harassed on the street. There was also the Dyke March in California where Renata spoke to the crowd. The FREE THE NJ 4 group was active in protesting and supporting the women when they were appealing their cases before the NY Appellate Court. 5) Do you believe that this same situation(s) would happen in other parts of the world? Would it be a better outcome or worse? Why or why not? a) I believe that these situations would and do happen in other parts of the world. Some governments are supportive of the LGBTQ communities but most countries have many citizens that are not. The political leaders have to make changes and strengthen laws to guarantee protections for the LGBTQ community. I think it depends on the country where the incident takes place determines the outcome. For example, if it is a religious based country where homosexuality is not allowed, there are no protections for the LGBTQ citizens. Here in the US we think we are a nation of laws but the judge here gave improper directions to the jury and results were later appealed to a higher court. 6) Do you believe toxic masculinity or heteronormativity play a role in this film? Why or why not?a) I believe that toxic masculinity played a definite role in this film. The man who started the incident made harassing comments to the women while they were out on the street. The situation turned violent and he suggested he could make them straight. He thought that they should be flattered that he paid attention to them and approached them in an “aggressive manner” as pointed out in the film. He also repeated his opinions while testifying during the trial. Also, another young woman was stabbed in Newark when she told the men in the pickup that she was gay. She was out with her friends walking when the men drove by and made

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