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UH CHEM 3332 - CHEM 3332-Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

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CHEM 3332-Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry, Spring 2021Section 14114, T/Th, 10:00 - 11:30 AM, Microsoft TeamsSection 14113, T/Th, 1:00 – 2:30 PM, Microsoft Teams***Disclaimer: Your instructor has the authority to modify the terms and conditions of this syllabus at any time.***Instructor: Dr. Mary BeanClass Lectures: Delivered through Microsoft "Teams", a part of Office 365, available to students on "Access UH". You will not need a “join code”. When you access Teams, click on CHEM 3332,14114 (10 AM class) or 14113 (1 PM class). Only one of the section numbers will be available. Students will be loaded into Teams sometime in the week before classes begin.A video of the lecture will be recorded. It will be available for 48 hours.Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday, 1 – 3:00 PM; Tuesday/Thursday, 2:30 – 3:30 PM, in MicrosoftTeams Chat, just video call me. If I don’t answer, it’s because I’m already talking to another student. Please call back. Office phone: (713) 743-8552 Please send email instead. This phone will not be answered. Calls will not be forwarded to my personal phone.Email address: [email protected] ALWAYS give your REAL NAME, course (organic lecture or lab), and 5 digit section number. Please do not send messages through Blackboard. Sign the email with your name and in the manner in which you prefer to be addressed: Ms., Mrs., Mr., etc. If you don’t mind being addressed by your first name, don’t use a title. I won’t respond to anonymous email. I have a largevolume of email. If I don’t respond to your email, and I don’t answer your question in class, pleasesend your email again with a polite “I think you may have missed this” message. Textbook: L. G. Wade, Jr. and J. Simek, Organic Chemistry (9th edition) and Solutions ManualWe are NOT using Mastering Chemistry, so earlier, cheaper editions are OK.Strongly Suggested: ACS Organic Chemistry Exams – The Official Guide, This is a study guide prepared by the American Chemical Society to prepare students for the standardized, multiple-choice ACS exam. The ACS exam will not be a part of the final exam in your class this semester as it usually is in CHEM 3332. It will be helpful this semester as a source of practice, multiple-choice questions and as a review of CHEM 3331. More information will be discussed on the first day of class. Required notes: Copies of the notes used in class must be downloaded at notes during class will be difficult without these copies. Always have a few sheets of blank paper available in case we cover an extra topic or example.Other important information will be found on the webpage above. Some of it will NOT be found on Blackboard. Besides the course notes, you will also find old exams with keys, the practice quizzes with keys (posted after we’ve covered them in class), information that pertains to each of our exams, and important announcements.Recording of Class (required by UH for all courses)Students may not record all or part of class, livestream all or part of class, or make/distribute screen captures, without advanced written consent of the instructor. If youhave or think you may have a disability such that you need to record class-related activities, please contact the Center for Students with DisABILITIES. If you have an accommodation to record class-related activities, those recordings may not be shared with any other student, whether in this course or not, or with any other person or on any other platform. Classes may be recorded by the instructor. Students may use instructor’s recordings for their own studying and notetaking. Instructor’s recordings are not authorized to be shared with anyone without the prior written approval of the instructor. Failure to comply with requirements regarding recordings will result in a disciplinary referral to the Dean of Students Office and may result in disciplinary action.Blackboard and the Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor:All of the information below that pertains to Blackboard and the Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor may also be found on Blackboard. Any of the links below that are inactive in this syllabus, such as the “short video”, are active on Blackboard.Blackboard: UH IT recommends AccessUH for Blackboard access from computers and Chromeor Firefox browsers. Please update the Java function in your browser.Blackboard will be an important source of information about how to take the exams for our course.Note: If you have not used Blackboard before, please read Students in this course will take their exams online by using Blackboard on their own computers. Blackboard must be accessed through the Respondus Lockdown Browser. This special browser includes software that works in conjunction with your own webcam to allow remote proctoring of the exams.Taking Exams:PLEASE NOTE this change to the webcam requirement: In the Fall 2020 CHEM 3331 classes a webcam, internal or external was required. This semester, the use of an EXTERNAL webcam is mandatory. Consider this to be in the same category as the clicker that many classes require. Webcams in a wide range of prices are available on Amazon and even at Walmart. During the exam, the camera must be positioned so that it shows you and what your hands are doing at all times. This is no different from what we would observe during the proctoring of an in-person exam. You must work out the camera positioning before the exam. If I cannot see what you are doing in the video produced by the Respondus Monitoring system, your exam will not be accepted. A 360° “environment scan” before the exam is mandatory.A working microphone is mandatory. Headphones are not allowed. All instructions for the Respondus Monitor ID check and environment check must be strictly followed to receive credit for any exam. There will be no exceptions permitted.The 360° environment scan MUST show the following:1. A surface clear of cell phones, calculators, books, notes, papers (other than the allowed 2 sheets of scratch paper), and anything that could be deemed capable of hiding any of the previously mentioned items.2. An area with no additional monitors, TV screens, computers, or tablets (Making the statement that an additional computer is turned off is NOT sufficient.)3. An area with no cell phones or additional electronic devices4. Walls with no cheat sheets (information of

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