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Lacey MonsonProfessor VangWriting 1014th February, 2021BartholomaeDr. David Bartholomae attempts to argue in "Inventing the University" that authors tend to imitate their figure of "authority" to try to sound insightful, without first possessing the simplest knowledge of how to communicate with their audience. The readers begin to lose interest/focus in their writers in exchange for doing this and it turns into an ineffective article. When this happens, it's because of the writers who are not even connecting with themselves first,before they even begin to write a paper or essay. Bartholomew points out that having better examples and a good understanding of how writers can get their message across what they're trying to say helps. Another way to create a good paper is to think constantly about who the reader is going to help. One example of this is the similarity between the writer and the reader. When they try to write an essay without basic knowledge and connections, students do not put their own opinions into it, but instead try to impress the higher authority. Bartholomae argues that teachers use writing as a method of standardization and perfection rather than a form of opinion that each writer should possess and carry out. He concludes his article by suggesting different ways of solving problems, such as thinking about what the student's purpose of writing is and concluding it in his own words. He also suggests getting help from authority figures on whatever issues the writer has to deal with. By doing this, he thinks that young writers will be more successful.The purpose of Bartholomae's writing "Inventing the University" is to inform instructors from different universities about how students are portraying their essays and why they are doing it to the standard. This standard has been raised because students have been taught some way to write an essay for twelve plus years without being told any other methods to do so. Another purpose ofwriting this article is to help students understand the importance of being themselves while writing and trying to become something they're not, just trying to impress their instructors. The audience in this article should take away the basic knowledge of writing a paper and learn how toimprove it without adding too many words and losing the reader's attention.The problem with the article that the author suggests is that when students try to become the perfect writer and make their essays to this perfect standard, the paper is unsuccessful. "The university must be invented by assembling and imitating its language. They have to learn to speak our language" (Bartholomae 5). This shows Bartholomew's main point for writing an essaybecause it describes why students are writing this way and how the problem can be addressed. Another problem Bartholomew suggests is that instructors are also trying to enforce certain typesof writing throughout the school, and if students change/improvise the method they were taught, they were wrong. “A student in a composition class would most likely be turned away from a discussion of original sin. Commonplaces are the “controlling ideas” of our composition textbooks, textbooks that not only insist upon a set form for expository writing but a set view of public life” (Bartholomae 8).While explaining this, Bartholomae has a very academic tone of voice because he breaksdown the components of why students write this way while trying to impress rather than express their thoughts. For example, students are trying to use more complex linguistics without knowingwhat they're really trying to say. His intended audience is clear by the vocabulary he uses in hisown writing.When writing "Inventing the University," Bartholomew uses an appeal to emotions to make his point. Bartholomew does this because of his personal experience of being an instructor and knowing how to properly analyze the papers. “If my students are going to write for me by knowing who I am-and if this means more than knowing my prejudices, psyching me out-it means knowing what I know; it means having the knowledge of a professor of English” (Bartholomae 9). He also does this in order to be able to provide ways of fixing the initial problem. One way to solve this problem is not to standardize what students should be able to say and not be able to say. Bartholomae believes that students should be able to speak freely without being told that they are wrong.Bartholomae concludes his essay by explaining different methods of how students can write their papers by being themselves, and by developing basic knowledge on how to write a successful paper. One example of this is by connecting their papers to their audiences. Bartholomae also describes how instructors can better prepare their students for writing an essay without matching their perfect standards and making it sound good. Another example of this is allowing students to come to them for help.While reading Bartholomew's article, I learned to express my own thoughts while writing. I also learned a number of different techniques on how to write a successful paper with new basic knowledge. There is no true standard for writing a perfect essay, and there are more ways to write than the teachers tell you, so I should be myself. “This is applicable to my writing at UC because every time I am writing to my professor, I am inventing the way I speak the language of the university” This quote from a fellow colleague stuck to me, because I was also related to it. I think that every time I write, I speak the language of the university, using theproper language and knowledge that I have learned from the school. I think this essay was a narrative essay because it tells real-life experiences of students writing essays and why they havebeen unsuccessful in their academic careers. After reading “Inventing the University”, I can take away a more clear thought process while writing.ReferencesDavid Bartholomae INVENTING THE UNIVERSITY.

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