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Q1- I chose to bore where the footings/columns will be placed and where the planer machine footprint will be. For the footings, I chose to only bore down 5 feet since the footings will not be placed too deep into the soil. Since spread footings will be used and the metal building frame will be relatively light, the compressive load will not be too much on the soil so deep boring is not needed. For the planar machine footprint, the load will be much greater and deep foundations will be used so we would have to bore down much further. I chose a depth of 40 feet so that we can get a good idea of what the soil profile will be. I chose to do three borings so that we can ensure that the soil underneath is consistent and we can predict how the load will act on the ground.Q2- This project’s layout is more difficult than the last so the boring placements I chose are much more sporadic. Typically, you want to get borings around the entire perimeter of the building footprint but in this situation, that wasn’t possible so I got as close as I could. Since the soil is not consistent throughout it was important to bore down past the inconsistencies and find what the soil is like underneath. It was also important to bore down pretty far since this is an apartment building and it will most likely use deep foundations since it will be such a large structure. I chose to bore down 40 feet from the grade in most areas so that we could get past the pockets of loose sand and get a better idea of what the soil will look like. I chose to bore down 50 feet in the bottom corner since that was furthest away from any of the residences so that we could learn a little bit more about that

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