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FSU ANT 2301 - Anthro Notes

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ANT 2301Monday, February 8, yANT 2301- for assignments- look at intro, conclusion, discussion. thats it- Top Hat- evolution of human sexuality - summer 2018- Join code 054968- Sign-up- $24 dollars for the semester - Exams- july 6- july 20- august 3rd- Assignments are due on the days of the exams (1st and second)- What is Anthropology?- the study of human beings- anthropos - human- logia - study of - Subfields1Monday, February 8, y- archeological- cultural- linguistic- physical (now biological)- Evolutionary theory- tries to explain human biology through evolution and natural selection- EG the mating systems of primates determines their- sexual dimorphism (body/size difference btwn m/f) group size, canine size, testessize, mate guarding behavior, cuckoldry- But, the ecology determines the mating system- Evolutionary biology shows that the human genotype is the result of the those an-cestors who reproduced with greater frequency than others- Current behavior is probably the result of selective forces that occurred in the Pleis-tocene - For example, a man tryin to fuck a ton of women all while…..ppt- Naturalistic fallacy and genetic determinism- naturalistic fallacy - the error of deriving what ought to be from what is- creating an evolutionary explanation of a behavior in humans does not justify the behavior or make it universal- Genetic Determinism - idea that behavior is unalterable, programmed, and un-changeable2Monday, February 8, y- this idea is untrue - we are not saying that because a behavior may be selected for, it is inevitable or acceptable- What is Sexuality- oh fuck here we go- how people experience and express themselves as sexual beings- biologically, sexuality can encompass sexual intercourse and sexual contact in all its forms- sociologically, it can cover the cultural, political, and legal aspects- philosophically, it an span the moral, ethical, theological, spiritual or religious as-pects- Read PPT- Prehistoric Sexuality- earliest evidence appears after the increase in symbolic thought accompanying early modern humans- Sexuality in the Ancient Mediterranean- The Hebrews (1000-200BC)- the hebrew bible- rules about sexual behavior- tales of sexual misconduct- tales of marital love- acknowledges the importance of sexuality in marital relations 3Monday, February 8, y- The Greeks (1000-200BC)- distinguish between love and sex- Aphrodite- eros- One of the few major civilizations to institutionalize homosexuality- pederasty- men and the male form were idealized- The Romans (500BC-AD700)- marriage and sexual relations were viewed as a means to improve ones economic and social standing- few restrictions about sexuality- India (Beginning about 400BC)- Hinduism- Karma- Patriarchal social system- Kama Sutra- sex- love- family- China (beginning about 200BC)4Monday, February 8, y- Tao- yin- yang- Sexuality is a natural procreative process- yin and yang equally necessary, therefore men and women more equal- Moche, Peru 100-800 AD- known for rich iconography and monumental architecture- huaca del sol and huaca del luna are some of the first pre-Columbian structures in Peru- Moche Sex Pottery- Early Christianity (beginning about 500AD)- Jesus- was liberal in his thinking about sexuality- St. Paul and later followers- established the christian view of sexuality- highest love was the love for God- ideal situation was celibacy- The legacy of early Christianity was a general association of sexuality with sin- The Middle Ages (500-1400AD)- Early in Period5Monday, February 8, y- all sex outside of marriage was considered sinful and even certain marital acts were forbidden- Late in Period- new ideas about women were brought back by the crusaders- Islam (about 500AD)- Drew from Jewish and Christian Roots and added Arab tribal beliefs- 8th and 12th centuries, was the most advanced society in the world- newly developed system of mathematics - read ppt- The Renaissance (about 1300AD)- began in italy- focused on human beings and their place in the world- new shit- ppt- The reformation (around 1500AD)- Western europe- martin luther- protestantism- marital love blessed- sexuality a natural function6Monday, February 8, y- John Calvin- women were men’s partners in all things- marital union primarily a social thing I guess- The enlightenment and victorian era- Enlightenment- about 1700 AD- sex was desirable for m/f- Victorian era- 1837-1901- Publicly, sexual attitudes became more conservative- privately, they was fuckin (brothels and shit)- The Colonies (about 1600)- puritans- severe sanctions for sexual transgressions- death penalty - Early USA (1700s-1800s)- late 1700s sexual attitudes became more liberal- slavery had an impact on sexual conduct - despite harsh conditions, strong sense of morality within the slave community7Monday, February 8, y- Settlers used the sexuality of minorities as an excuse to distain or oppresss them- Native Americans- Mexicans- 19th century- Free Love mvt. - saw marriage as sexual slavery of women- Mormons- polygamy- Medical Model of Sexuality- sexual health- Comstock Act of 1873- prohibited the mailing of obscene, lewd, lascivious, and indecent writing or adver-tisements- 20th Century- Social Hygiene Mvt. - virtuous women catching STDs from husbands who frequented prostitutes- blood tests before marriage- police actions against prostitutes- Sexology- Alfred Kinsey8Monday, February 8, y- sex more important than originally thought- Masters and Johnson (nice)- studied the physiology of sexual response- The 20th Century cont.- The sexual revolution- 1920s flapper era- 1960s San Fransisco- Feminism- Women’s suffrage mvt.- birth control- entitled to sexual satisfaction- existing relations- 20th cent.- Gay Liberation - WWII hostile environment to homosexuals- Stonewall Riot- 1969, NY, The Village- PPT- 21st9Monday, February 8, y- rise of plastic surgery- unnatural images of beauty- photoship images in mass media- Internet pornography- free, available- The Sex Industry (one of the oldest professions)- China is the worlds largest exporter of sex toys and novelties, with an estimated 1,000 factories involved in the manufacture of “adult healthcare products”- Germany’s legal sex industry is estimated to make 18 billion annually - Theoretical Perspectives on Sexuality - a theory is a set of assumptions, principles, or methods that helps a researcher un-derstand the nature of a phenomenon being studied.- Evolutionary Perspectives- biological theory- sexual

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