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UH HDCS 2301 - 2021 Overview of Target Case Study Project

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Overview of Target Case Study ProjectYour Target Project will be a group project and consists of 7 parts:Part A: Group Contract-10 Points- Choose Team Members. Teams consist of 4-5 persons; you must work with others on this project.- Choose your team wisely. You are all working together on a time-consuming project that requires commitment, responsibility, accessibility, involvement and isa large portion of your final grade accounting for 220 points or approximately 25% of your grade.- Team members need to learn who everyone is. It is suggested that team members exchange names, phone numbers, emails, best point/time(s) of contact, etc. and keep a record of this information. - At this point, each team member needs to determine if your chosen team is a good match, with all members dedicated to completing the project to the best oftheir abilities. If it does not seem like a good match, then now is the time to select a different team.- Discuss what the team is expected to do. Don't assume that the requirements ofthe case study project are clear to everyone. More often than not, people are notalways sure about the expectations. - To maximize your learning experience, all team members must participate in the assignments required for each part of the Case Study Team Project. However, each member must volunteer to be the "leader" for a part of the entire project. Agree on who is responsible "to lead" each part of the project.- Each "leader" is responsible to make sure that everyone is involved in that part ofthe project and that the work is progressing. Lead the communication with everyone on the team regarding meetings, accuracy of the work, etc. For each part, agree on what each person must produce for that specific part of the project by the agreed upon deadline.- Review the due dates for completion of each part. Agree on a time table. Determine the team plan for when each part of the project will be completed. It is highly recommended that the team should work ahead of the schedule allowing time for unexpected delays and/or issues.- Agree about what to do if members in the team "get behind" and won't be able to meet a deadline.- Agree upon a schedule of meetings. Most groups think all they need to do is divide up the work, meet five minutes before the due date, and "whip it together." We all know that this approach rarely works!- Finalize group membership by the due date found in "Important Dates". Then, submit the names of the group members and your “Group Contract” in this dropbox. Although everyone has individual access to this dropbox, only one person per team will be responsible for submission of the team's assignments.- As you formulate your team, the team must select a Team Leader. The Team Leader will submit Part A and all other submissions except those that are individual assignments (Part B, Part F, Part G)- The Team Leader will submit all future portions in the dropbox using this team number.Part B: Librarian Research Report-Individual Assignment-10 ptsLisa Martin, Business Librarian at UH, has set up a website with useful links to help you learn more about using journals and library databases. This site also contains links to useful database research sites that she specifically organized for you for this case study project. See above under Librarian resources: Resources to use on Target Project. In the appropriate drop box, outline what you have learned by reviewing this information. Since teams are usually not formulated at this point, every student must submit their individual findings as outlined in the Case Team Project Guidelines in the appropriate drop box. Part C: Target Retailer Assessment Report-40 ptsThe retailer assessment report aims to develop a complete understanding of macro environmental factors which define the direction in which Target should move forward with their Case Study strategy to ensure they find a way to stay relevant throughout the entire shopping season. Target must address the needs of the targeted market while staying ahead of other retail players who are constantly innovating how they do the same thing. A complete Retailer Assessment Report MUST include information and data about all the following:1. Analysis of Target value proposition, current target market, and retail experience 2. Analysis of Target current Case Study Shopping Strategy. 3. Analysis of the customer’s profiles (target market) and his/her consumption patterns4. Analysis of how other national and local retailers handle their similar Case Study strategies in their retail establishments. - Which are retailers that market to the same customers that shop at Target? - How do those retailers manage their Case Study strategy and what do they do differently and/or better than Target in terms of offering differentiated shopping experiences that engage and inspire not only during key Case Study sales events, but also during these soft spots in the seasonal period while providing a consistent, safe andsecure shopping environment while maximizing sales and profitability and maintaining agreat guest experience?- Which are retailers who are not Target ‘s direct competitors but who represent best practices for their Case Study strategies and demonstrate a safe and secure shopping environment for their guests and can be inspirational for a new Target ?Due dates: See Important Dates/Due DatesFormatting Notes Report MUST be:- typewritten- double-spaced- 1“margins,- Arial font, 12 size, - .doc or .pdf files. Report length must be between 1,000 and 1,500 words (Use Word Counting within your writing software) plus bibliography. Your report MUST include: -- Cover page with Course name and number, Team number, all team members’ names, title of the assignment and date.- List of references (last page) using in-text citations APA Style (6th edition) ( Must use Paragraph and Subparagraph titles- Marks will be deducted if the following guidelines are not followed: Spelling and grammatical errors, as well as not adhering to the writing guidelines, will result in a minimum 20% deduction in your grade the first time and an “F” the second time on any assignment. Your report needs to feature an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your introductory paragraph needs a thesis statement that describes the issue your paper will address. The Purdue Writing Lab offers a tutorial on writing a thesis

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