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UConn HDFS 2300 - HDFS 2300 Spring 2021

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HDFS 2300 Family Interaction Processes Human Development & Family Sciences Syllabus – Spring 2021 ONLINE This syllabus is subject to change based on the needs of the class. The most up-to-date syllabus is located on HuskyCT. Course and Instructor Information Course Title: HDFS 2300 – Family Interaction Processes Credits: 3 Format: Online/synchronous/asychronous blend: Lectures: Asychronous Exams: Synchronous – You will complete all exams during our scheduled class time. Professor: L. Kraimer-Rickaby, Ph.D. Email: [email protected] Office Hours: I encourage folks to post general questions about the course in the General Classroom Discussion Board on HuskyCT. This way everyone in the class will have access to the answers. Please send any personal questions or concerns to my UConn e-mail above. I will respond within 24 hours. We can also meet via Microsoft Teams either individually or in small groups during our scheduled class time (11:15 AM – 12:05 PM ET) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please note that I will not have office hours on Fridays. Please e-mail to set up a time. Information about Microsoft Teams Course Materials Texts are available through a local or online bookstore. The UConn Co-op carries many materials that can be shipped via its online Textbooks To Go service. For more information, see Textbooks and Materials on our Enrolled Students page. Required Course Materials: Anderson, S. A., & Sabatelli, R. M. (2011). Family interaction: A multigenerational developmental perspective (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. NOTE: Chapter 1 is located on HuskyCT in the Module 01 folder. You can find all other required course materials on the HuskyCT page for the course. Course Description Welcome to HDFS 2300! This course examines the interactional processes of family systems including communication processes, bonding behaviors, management of conflict and aggression, and negotiation of family crisis. Course Objectives After completing this course, you will be able to: • Applied the family science perspective in general, and family systems theory in particular, to explore contemporary family organization, interaction, and development. • Gained an understanding of family tasks and the strategies families use throughout various developmental stages. • Identified and analyzed relationships and basic processes in family systems. • Recognized contextual factors that influence families and their abilities to function as well as appreciate the diversity that exists both within and between families. • Apply course information to examining real life situations of families as well as evaluate outcomes of family processes on individual development.Course Outline As this is a distance learning course, all instruction and assessment will occur on HuskyCT. I have organized the course material into 12 modules, each of which will last the equivalent of 2 – 3 lecture days, based on my guestimation of how long we would spend discussing the same amount of material in person. Module folders will contain: 1 Lecture Handout for notetaking and exam prep, 2. lecture video, and 3. the Chapter Quiz (if applicable). Please let me know if you have any issues with the documents or files in the modules. Modules will “close” (e.g., I will remove the material from HuskyCT) at 11:59 PM ET the night before each scheduled exam. Module Open Date Quiz Due Date* Text Reading Module 00: Course Orientation Monday, Jan 20 N/A Module 01: Family as a System Friday Jan 22 Friday Jan 29 Chapter 1 Module 02: Foundations of Interpersonal Communication Monday Jan 25 N/A Module 03: Family Communication Patterns Monday, Feb 1 N/A EXAM 1 (taken during class time – 11:15 AM – 12:05 PM ET) Monday, Feb 8 Module 04: The Self and Others Monday, Feb 8 N/A Module 05: Attachment and Parent-Child Interaction Monday, Feb 15 Friday, Feb 26 Chapter 12 Module 06: Stress Management Monday, March 1 Friday, March 5 Chapter 2 Module 07: Transition to Adulthood Monday, March 8 Friday, March 12 Chapters 4 & 6 EXAM 2 (taken during class time – 11:15 AM – 12:05 PM ET) Monday, March 15 Module 08: Romantic Relationships and Marriage Monday, March 15 Friday, March 26 (quiz does not cover Gottman) Chapters 7 – 9; Gottman Ch. 12 (HuskyCT) Module 09: Managing Emotions Monday, March 29 N/A Module 10: Conflict Management Monday, April 5 Friday, April 9 Chapter 10 Module 11: Divorce Monday, April 19 Friday, April 23 Chapter 16 Module 12: Death, Dying, and Bereavement Monday April 26 Wednesday, April 28 Chapter 15 FINAL EXAM (NON-CUMULATIVE) TBD *Quiz Due Date: You may complete your quiz at any time between the date the module opens and the due date listed. You may not complete any quizzes after the scheduled due date. NOTE: Grades will not be posted nor will you be able to review your quiz until after the due date.Course Requirements and Grading Multiple Choice Examinations Chapter Quizzes 2 Exams = (30% each) (complete 3 exams – 2 regular and 1 final; lowest regular exam grade dropped. Final exam grade will not be dropped. You must take the final exam). Open book chapter quizzes 40% Grade Percentage Grade Percentage Grade Percentage Grade Percentage A 93 – 100 B 83 – 86 C 73 – 76 D 63 – 66 A- 90 – 92 B- 80 – 82 C- 70 – 72 D- 60 – 62 B+ 87 – 89 C+ 77 – 79 D+ 67 – 69 F < – 59 * Note: These grades already include “rounding”, except for the grade of F. I will not round up to a D -. To pass this course you must earn an actual 60% or higher. A note about “Extra Credit”: I will provide you with a non-material/just for fun/de-stress bonus question on each exam and on some quizzes. You may also complete the “Introductory Activity” by 11:59 PM ET February 1 for 2 bonus points on your first exam. There are no additional opportunities for extra credit in the course. Exams (CLOSED BOOK/CLOSED NOTE) Review study tips in the Course Orientation Module • Exams are multiple choice and will cover material from lecture and text. Use the PowerPoints videos, the textbook, and your lecture notes to prepare for exams. • You will take the regular exams during our scheduled class time (11:15 AM – 12:05 PM ET). If you begin the exam late, you will not have additional time to complete the exam. The exam will auto-submit at 12:06 PM ET. • Review the study tips on HuskyCT. • All exams are closed book. • There will be 2

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