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U-M HISTORY 375 - Short Movie Response 1 - Krupa Patel

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Short Movie Response #1By: Krupa PatelHow can you explain the mother turning against Thomasin, her own daughter, and wanting to expel her from the family?In the film The Witch, Katherine, the mother, turns against Thomasin, her own daughter, in a gradual manner as Thomasin is found in the wrong place at the wrong time on multiple occasions. The family’s puritanical beliefs oppressed and marginalized Thomasin from the beginning; they were prepared to sell her to another family partly due to Samuel’s disappearance but also because they implicitly distrusted her sexuality. Thomasin was distracting her brother, Caleb, who was clearly curious about her sex, which made her a burden to her parents, especiallyin a Christian household. Katherine also held Thomasin accountable for the loss of newborn Samuel, since Thomasin was seen playing peek-a-boo with him just moments before he vanished.Consequently, in the movie, Katherine confronts Thomasin about the disappearance of her silver cup that William and Caleb secretly sold; they allow Thomasin to take the blame, thereby, fuelingKatherine’s building aggression towards her own daughter. When Caleb becomes lost in the woods, Thomasin is found unconscious by her father and taken home. Katherine, now having losttwo of her sons while they were with Thomasin, makes it clear that she blames her daughter for everything that has been going wrong. Additionally, the twins admit that Thomasin proclaimed herself to be a witch, further escalating tensions in the family. The morning after all three remaining children are imprisoned in the stable overnight, Thomasin is found, unconscious once again and this time covered in blood. After Black Philips, the goat, kills William, Katherine emerges from the house and lets her fury fly at her daughter. Claiming that Thomasin was trying to seduce her brother and father and is to blame for everyone’s death, Katherine begins beating her daughter, until Thomasin uses a cleaver to kill her own mother. Thus, it becomes apparent that a grieving mother is left no choice but to blame the common factor in all the tragedies that have occurred – that being Thomasin. With no plausible natural explanation of the disappearances and deaths of her family members and with Thomasin evidently being involved inclose proximity to each tragedy, the mother is overcome with rage and confidence that her daughter is a witch and responsible for the destruction of her

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