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USF ENC 1102 - Litercy Report #2

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Literary Report #21. Title of literary piece and year written: The literacy piece is the speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” and was said March 23, 1775.2. Author and years Lived: The Author/Speaker name was Patrick Henry and he passed away at the age of 63 on June 6, 1799.3. Historical, Political, and/or Cultural events/experiences that might have influenced or inspired the author’s views during the time that this piece was written and caused the author to write this piece: During this time war was a big topic in America. Patrick Henry got the idea to give thespeech while the American Revolution was going on because the Virginia convention debated whether to send troops to fight in the Revolutionary War and Henry urged them to do so.4. Author’s Purpose: (Intended Effect) Patrick Henry tried to make it known to his audience that fighting/war was no longer a choice. It has also made it known to Britain that they are willing to go to war. No matter how he insulted, he had to get his point across.5. Intended Audience: The audience this speech was intended for was the people that he was talking/listening to him. The Virginia Convention because they were discussing over the war.6. Central Character or topic, with brief description: The topic was Hope. Henry had a lack of hope. If Henry doesn't talk about freedom and tyranny or wars, he speaks about how little hope he has that Great Britain, and the American colonies will ever be able to fix their problems in peace. Henry needs to take a swipe at the best and worst of all feelings, because hope is the onlyobstacle that stands in the way of taking decisive steps and voting to form militias for the SecondVirginia Convention. No one in their right mind desires war, and he knows they will keep trying tostop it as long as they have faith that war will be stopped.7. Other Characters or issues, with brief descriptions: Freedom and tyranny is another topic in his speech. The speech, in the cause of freedom from tyranny, is an excuse for taking up arms. Again, and again, Henry hits on the argument that the policies of Britain are oppressive and are intended to restrict colonial freedoms to the extent that the colonists will eventually be powerless to resist. He will discuss other topics in the lecture, but he still takes his points back to this principle of freedom from tyranny.8. Setting: The Setting of this speech is the Second Virginia Convention during the Colonial Period.9. Summary of Events or Topics, organized by sequence. (minimum of 3). To start by, Patrick Henry starts his speech by saying that his true honest opinion about war will not be held back by him. He tried to be as polite as possible, but he simply didn't care if what he wanted to say would hurt anyone. He claimed that he would be just as poor as the British themselves if he did not give his opinion.Next, he notes that for what they have done for the colonists, the British have no particular excuse. He also accuses them of going to war and he claims that the colonists were able to negotiate. The British only like to use coercion as a means to make people follow them. Finally, he speaks about how Britain needs to convince them to think they are too poor to want to go to war with them and fight. By claiming they are better than ever, he denies that. Then lastly Patrick Henry gives us his statement of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” which helped encourage the delegates to break from Britain; in addition, to strike back against them. By attributing the difficulty, they encountered to Britain, he antagonizes Britain.10. Tone and Irony in this piece: Patrick Henry’s Tone was anger when he was speaking and expressing how he felt was with anger because he was mad what was going on and what they were going through. The irony in this speech is that he praises all of them for what they are doing. Then, despite this, with all he says, he essentially says they're not doing anything, and they're doing a terrible job and need to do a better one.11. Central Theme: The main theme in this speech "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!" by Patrick Henry was that as much as they could, America should fight. The reasoning was because of the care they had already obtained for a long time from the king.12. Final Evaluation of this literary piece: This is YOUR personal evaluation and why. Be sure to reference specific details from the document for support.Patrick Henry was not interested in any thoughts on what he wanted to say in this speech. No matter what, he decided to offer his view on what was going on. I think he was doing some good when he was mad at the Virginia Convention and decided to tell them how he was feeling. I like how much he cared and didn't let anything change what he was thinking. At the same time, I do believe that he lacked a lot in having hope at times in his speech but do think he is good with

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