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BSC ENGL 079 - ENGL079 - Final Essay Assignment

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ENGL079 – Precollege EnglishFinal Essay AssignmentDeadlineContextDirectionsPrewritingOutlineIntroduction Paragraph DraftBody Paragraph DraftsConclusion Paragraph DraftFinal Essay SubmissionENGL079 Final Essay - Grading RubricCriteriaMeets ExpectationsNeeds ImprovementPointsENGL079 – Precollege EnglishFinal Essay AssignmentThis assessment is worth 20% of your grade.DeadlinePrewriting is due by the end of Week 2 at 11:59 pm, ET.Outline is due by the end of Week 3 at 11:59 pm, ET.Introduction draft is due by the end of Week 4 at 11:59 pm, ET.Body draft is due by the end of Week 5 at 11:59 pm, ET.Conclusion draft is due by the end of Week 6 at 11:59 pm, ET.Final Essay is due by the end of Week 7 at 11:59 pm, ET.Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:Course Outcomes- Apply the writing process to create well-organized, multi-paragraph written documents with topic sentences and relevant supporting details. ContextIn order to understand the benefits of composing essays using the writing process and apply the skills we are learning, we will compose a final essay utilizing each stage of the writing process.For each step of the process, you will complete a micro assignment and submit the work for feedback from your instructor. You will receive full credit for completing and submitting the micro assignment on time. It is your responsibility to employ the feedback your instructor gives you on each micro assignment in your final draft. On your final draft, you will be graded on the rubric given at the end of this assignment. Important note: Every micro assignment and the final essay should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents. Your instructor cannot provide line by line feedback on submissions you type into Blackboard. Since it is very important that you receive detailed feedback from your instructor and apply it to your final draft, you must submit each piece as a separate Word document.DirectionsCraft a five-paragraph essay that answers the addresses the following prompt:ENGL079 - Final Essay Assignment 2You have decided to pursue a college degree because you want to change your life in some aspect. In an informative essay, explain why a college degree will change your life. The essay will follow this format:-The introduction will give information about the degree you are pursuing and will give a thesis statement that summarizes the main reasons why a college degree will change your life. This paragraph must have at least three (3) sentences.- The three body paragraphs will cover three reasons why a college degree will change your life. Each body paragraph will include both major and minor details that support each reason. Each of these paragraphs must have at least five (5) sentences.- The conclusion will review the reasons you have presented and explainwhy you are motivated by these reasons to complete your degree. Thisparagraph must have at least three (3) sentences.You will complete the following micro assignments in order to craft this final essay:PrewritingDue by the end of Week 2 at 11:59 pm, ET.After reviewing our lesson on prewriting and ideation strategies, you will use one of these strategies to prewrite for your final essay. The goal of the prewriting exercise is to generate a topic and supporting ideas for your essay. You can utilize whichever prewriting strategy you would like to try. It must be submitted in a word document to your instructor. Some of the prewriting strategies we discussed are as follows:- Brainstorming- Mapping/Clustering- Freewriting- Listing- Doodling/DrawingAt the end of your prewriting, please write 3-5 to sentences explaining why you chose the prewriting strategy you did and what you believe your topic will be.OutlineDue by the end of Week 3 at 11:59 pm, ET.For this micro assignment, you will complete a five-point outline of your essay. Your outline does not need to be in complete sentences, but it shouldENGL079 - Final Essay Assignment 3include entries for all five paragraphs. You will utilize the outline template provided, and you should fill out each line in the template including a draft ofyour thesis.Introduction Paragraph DraftDue by the end of Week 4 at 11:59 pm, ET.This week, you will submit a draft of your introduction paragraph for instructor feedback. Your introductory paragraph should include a minimum of three sentences. The sentences included should do the following things:- Hook the reader’s attention and get them interested in reading your essay- Give some broad details and introduce the topic- Give your thesis statementBased on instructor feedback, you will revise this paragraph for inclusion in your final draft.Body Paragraph DraftsDue by the end of Week 5 at 11:59 pm, ET.This week, you will draft your body paragraphs. The body paragraph drafts should accomplish the following:- There will be three body paragraphs. The topic of each paragraph will be one reason why a college degree will change your life.- For each body paragraph topic, you will give at least three major details that explain, describe, or inform about this reason.- For the draft, you should try to draft all fifteen minimum sentences for the body paragraphs. You should have five sentences in each of the three paragraphs. However, if you cannot generate all fifteen sentences at this stage, you can write at least three sentences per paragraph, so a total of nine sentences. The more you complete the draft, the more feedback the instructor can give you.- Each body paragraph should have a sentence/sentences that do the following:o Introduce the topic of the paragraph in a topic sentenceo Give major and minor details about the topic that inform, explain,or describe the topico Conclude the paragraph and help transition to the next paragraphYou may include a new draft of your introduction paragraph in your body paragraph draft if you wish for your instructor to review it a second time, though this is not required.ENGL079 - Final Essay Assignment 4Conclusion Paragraph DraftDue by the end of Week 6 at 11:59 pm, ET This week, you will draft your conclusion paragraph and submit it for instructor feedback. The conclusion paragraph must meet the following criteria:- It must be at least three sentences long- The sentences in the body paragraphs must do the following:o The first sentence of the paragraph should transition from the body to the conclusiono There should be a summary of the three reasons and a restatement of the thesis in

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