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BYUI CIT 160 - Domestic Terrorism

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Articles I found:“Domestic Terrorism” by Gale, a Cengage Company“Space Exploration” by Gale, a Cengage Company“Nanotechnology” by Gale, a Cengage CompanyList of questions:- Is domestic terrorism on the rise or it’s just speculation that is rising from the government and organizations that turn to benefit?o Are those hate crimes rising?o How is the priority of domestic terrorism?o How is the counter terrorism dealing with it?- Should we seat back and relax while acts of terrorism are happening in our back yard or shall we rise up and fight for what we believe is the best solution for our country?- How is the community involved in dealing with domestic terrorism?- What are some nanotechnologies that are being used to counter domestic terrorism? Are there even there?- Are there any powerful space exploration tech like that can be used here on earth to counterdomestic terrorism?Statement of topic:I want to write about the question “Is domestic terrorism on the rise?”. Is it a matter of speculation or it is rising? Some are saying it is just speculation between the existing government and some are confident that it is happening. My argument is that I do believe that domestic terrorism is on the rise.Shall we just sit back and relax or shall we do what we know is right and stand up for it? Based on what I have read and leant, there are many views and comments based on the matter of domestic terrorism and how it is affecting our communities. There is a vast increase of domestic terrorism against those of different beliefs and those with different political beliefs as well. The use of the internet has been a huge contributor because of what some people post to portray online, causing violence to spark across the world. Contention against each other, man to man, against the government, against churches and faiths, opinions and racial

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