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Central Penn College ENG 102 - 102 Research Project Checklist

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ENG 102 Research Project Self ChecklistName:_________________________________________Before reviewing your paper with this checklist, go to the Research Project Prompt. Have you followed the prompt carefully, considering the scope, purpose, and relevance of your project?- YES/NO - (explain and plan revision if needed)_________________________________________Claims- Does my thesis appear at the end of the intro in XYZ format?- Does my thesis present a clear, arguable claim?- Does my thesis preview the content of the essay?- Do my topic sentences articulate clear, focused claims?Organization- Is each section of the paper clearly delineated with level-one headers?- Is information appropriately placed in the section where it belongs?- Are my introduction and conclusion effective?- Do I transition effectively from one section to the next?- Does everything in the paper relate to the thesis statement?Development:- Do I clearly, effectively, and completely present the problem?- Do I outline the proposed solution?- Do I demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solution?- Are my claims developed in complex TEAR paragraphs?- Is each section of my essay fully developed?- Do I consider opposing views fairly?Source analysis:- Do I provide original, critical analysis of what the source says to makea coherent argument?- Have I used inductive and deductive logic to interpret source materials?- Do I investigate the source’s logic and potential biases?Source evidence:- Do I represent my sources accurately and ethically?- Do I effectively use sources to support my claims?- Are all of my claims supported with relevant evidence?- Do I use summary, paraphrase, and quotation as necessary?- Do I incorporate 6-8 sources into my argument?Quality of sources:- Are the sources I use current, relevant, authoritative, accurate, and purposeful sources?- Do I distinguish between argumentative and expository sources?- Do I synthesize/draw connections between sources where appropriate?Source Integration:- Have I cited all sources ethically and consistently?- Do my signal phrases clearly indicate all borrowed information?- Do my signal phrases correctly attribute quotations or borrowed information?Citation- Do I use correct APA formulas for in-text citations (including quotes, summaries, and paraphrases?- Are all references properly cited in APA format (including DOI or URL for all web-based sources)?Formatting:- Do I use correct APA guidelines for manuscripts?- Is my title page in correct APA format?- Does my abstract follow APA guidelines?- Does my references page follow APA guidelines?Diction and Syntax- Do I use appropriate word choice and dialect for an academic audience?- Is my sentence structure clear?- Do I use appropriate tone for an academic audience?- Is my grammar and syntax clear and free of

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