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Lauren PolsonSeptember 20, 2019PHY 1020Chapter 2 Essay and IRTHeated ObjectsThe temperature is always changing everywhere. Objects heat up and the changing temperature has an effect on them, whether it is noticeable or not. When an object heats up, the atoms in the object heat up as well. The atoms began to gainmore energy and move faster as they heat up. The atoms and molecules move and around more and get further away from each other. Since they take up more space, the objects will then expand, even if it is not noticeable. The expansion of objects can be dangerous. For example, concrete and cement will crack if not designed correctly. If someone made a levee system and did not leave room for expansion or create joints for expansion, then the levees could break or fail. A more serious matter would berising sea levels. Because of global warming, the water in the ocean is expanding, causing sea levels to rise.A useful way that a heated substance can be used is in thermometers. The fluid in a thermometer tells the temperature because it expands when it’s warmer, therefore rising to tell a higher temperature. When the temperature is lower, the fluid will go back down.Objects that expand can be used for good and bad. Knowing how to work with expandingobjects in important for building and using these objects correctly.Mitochondria ThermometerA mitochondria releases heat in quick bursts and there is a new way to discover the temperature for different purposes. The mitochondria has to produce heat for the cells to have energy. Researcher have developed a micro thermometer probe to measure the temperature inside of cells. They found a high temperature spike that lasted less than one second. This hasn’t been found before, so the small probe has shown progress in working already. The purpose of this probe to study the short circuiting that the mitochondria gives off. The researchers want to find therapeutic targets to use in other cases. For example, they want to see if understanding the temperature in fat cells can lead to a treatment for obesity. They alsowant to study how cancer could work with this device. This probe could be used to study thermalactivity that cancer cells give

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