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UH TELS 3363 - Tech Comm Syllabus

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TELS 3363-3 Technical Communications Section 18677 Syllabus Summer 2020 (7/1-8/2) Online Course Information Faculty Information Technical Communications Name: Chris Feriante Course Number: TELS 3363 E-mail: [email protected] Course Sections: 18677 Text: 832.377.0020 Please use the following format when sending a text: Last name, First name, section # (16133), and your question. If the response is too lengthy for a text, I will call you. Credit Hours: 3 credits: 4 hrs. lecture Office Location: By appointment Prerequisite: ENGL 1303 Office Hours: By appointment Department Contact Information: Dr. Tracy Barnwell Program Manager [email protected] Availability: I will check email and the discussion boards every weekday morning between 9:00am to noon and will respond to emails daily, but I will not be online regularly. If you need a more timely response, you may text me per the instructions above. Online June 1 to July1 COURSE DESCRIPTION AND LEARNING OUTCOMES TELS 3363 integrates several learning goals in order to create a dynamic environment in which students develop critical thinking skills and master technical writing forms. Students successfully completing the course will achieve the following learning objectives: • To understand that all writing is contextual and to develop technical writing skills through invention, organization, drafting, revision, editing, and presentation. • To understand and demonstrate the shared conventions, practices, standards, and constructs of business and technical writing forms. • To understand and demonstrate through writing the issues and purposes of specific technical fields. • To understand and apply basic principles of critical thinking, problem solving, and technical proficiency through written exposition and argument. • To develop the ability to research and write a documented proposal that conforms to the standards of the discipline and to establish an identity in a particular discipline or profession.REQUIRED TEXT Lannon & Gurak, Technical Communication (12th, 13th, or 14th Edition) HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Students taking this course must have daily access to a fairly recent computer with an Internet connection. Students must also have access to Microsoft Word or to a word processor that can save and read files in Rich Text Format (.RTF) and Microsoft Word Format (.DOCX). The word processor you use must also be able to view feedback comments made with the Word Comment function (all recent version of Microsoft Word should be able to do this). You may also need to be able to read files in PDF format, which means you will need to install the free Adobe Reader software onto your computer if it is not already installed. This software can be downloaded at PREREQUISITE Students must have completed ENGL 1303 (or an equivalent course) with a C or higher. REQUIRED COMPUTER SKILLS Students taking this course should come into the course with a basic understanding of computers, web navigation, word processing, and email. No programming knowledge is necessary to take this class. OBTAINING A COUGARNET ACCOUNT Students must have CougarNet account to use the classroom computers. Students without a CougarNet login and password should go to 103 T2 to obtain an account before the second day of class. ACCESSING COURSE MATERIALS The class schedule, course assignments, directions for submitting assignments, and individual student grades are available only to those students who have a Blackboard Learn account. Once you have obtained a Blackboard Learn account, you can access the course materials through the following steps: 1) Go to the AccessUH web page at the address 2) Login with your Cougarnet ID and password. 3) Click the link for Blackboard Learn (NOT Vista) 4) Click on the link for the TELS 3363 class. COURSE ANNOUNCEMENTS News for the course (assignment reminders, schedule changes, etc.) will be posted on the course homepage at least once a week, so you should be sure to check there frequently. ACCESSING ASSIGNMENTS All assignments can be accessed by clicking the Assignments link in the menu on the left side of the home page.ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE The course assignments schedule shall be located within the course Black Board platform in the Course Assignments tab. EMAIL COMMUNICATION If you need to reach me by email, I can be contacted at [email protected] DETERMINATION OF FINAL GRADE 800 Total Course Points • WRITING PROJECTS • 500 Points • Project 1: Policies Questions [10 pts.] • Project 2: Introductory Letter [15 Pts.] • Project 3: Revision Practice [25 Pts.] • Project 4: Resume [50 Pts.] • Project 5: Job Cover Letter [50 Pts.] • Project 6: Definitions [50 Pts.] • Project 7: Instructions [50 Pts.] • Project 8: Claim Letter [50 Pts.] • Project 9: Refuse Claim Letter [50 Pts.] • Project 10: Grant Proposal [100 Pts.] • Project 11: Proposal Presentation [50 Pts.] • 4 ETHICS ASSIGNMENTS • 100 Points • Project 5a: Product Recall [25 Pts.] • Project 9a: Drug Company Perks [25 Pts.] • Project 10a: Employer Code of Conduct [25 Pts.] • Project 11a: Walmart [25 Pts.] • 4 WEEKLY PEER-TO-PEER DISCUSSION FORUMS • 100 points • FINAL EXAM [Week Five: July 3rd – Online Exam] • 100 Points Weekly Due Dates: Week 1: June 7 Week 2: June 14 Week 3: June 21 Week 4: July 1 HOW TO DOWNLOAD FEEDBACK COMMENTS ON PROJECT ASSIGNMENTS After submitting project assignments, you will receive a detailed grade breakdown and feedback comments. It is important to view these feedback comments in order to improve on future projects. To view feedback comments, click the original assignment link and download the graded file. Open the file in Microsoft Word to view your feedback comments. HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR CURRENT ASSIGNMENT AVERAGE To calculate a single assignment grade, divide your score by the total score possible. If, for instance, you received a 22 out of 25 on project 2, your grade would be 22/25, which is .88 or88% (B+). To calculate your current assignment average, divide the total points you have earned by the total points possible. For instance if you earned a total of 155 out of a possible 190 points, your current assignment average would be 155/190, which works out to roughly .82 or 82% (B-). SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENTS All written assignments must be submitted

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