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HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGENT.Q 1.Why is effective management such a vital element in an organization.ANSWER.-Management assigns responsibilities to indivinduals and holds them accountable.-The management steers the organization towards its goals through coordination and business activity.-Effective management enables conclusive decision making for actions to take place.-The managent develops plan for the organization to enable it to remain focused on its core activities.-The management centralizes planning,organizing,leading and controlling so that the rest of the organization can be effective and concentrating on operational employees to gain their commitment. -The management provides external communication with other organizations on behalf of the business.Q 2. What benefits would accrue from deployment as a means of achieving organizational objectives?- Mullti skilling leading to employee development.- Motivation as a result of upward mobility.- Continuity of work process.- No need for learning or induction time period.- Continuity of the organization culture.- Avoids problem of overstaffing.- Employee commitment to the organization is achieved.- Element of uncertainity of the new employees.- Job security on the part of the employees.- Minimization of unwarranted rendundancies.Q 3. Explain the benefits that would accrue to a firm that has an appropriate organization structure?-It allows for clarity of work to be done.-it makes the coordination of the work environment easier by narrowing down the activities.-it provides proper communication channels .-It provides proper relationship for various units within the organization.-it provides for formal decision making.-it clarifies the reporting responsibilities.-it establishes proper accountabilities in order to achieve the organizational goals.-it encourages flexibility and team work in the persuit of organizational goals.-It facilitates effective control of what should be done.Q.4, Explain how personal qualities of a human resources manager may contribute to the effectiveness of an organization operating in a competitive environment?- It requires a hr mananger with technical competence.These are skils needed to perform specialized tasks within the organization.-Inte-personal skills i.e the ability to work well with others.-Conceptual skills-The competence to think in the abstract being able to see relationships between forces that others are not able to see, to understand how a variety of factors are related, and to take a global perspective of an organization and its environment.-Diagnoistic skills-To define and understand situation required in problem solving process.-Efficiency sothat resources are not wasted.-Effectiveness –doing the right thing the right way at the right time.-analytical skills.-Negotiqtion skills.-Tact and

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