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MCC BUS 101 - Project Management

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In the project if there can be change occurred in original plan if stakeholder or roles change. What project manager do to solve any variation to project engagement plan should your stakeholder or the stakeholder's role, change?Answer 1. Change within the project management time can we define is anything the transfer, in fact, the project as process structure or even the check function therefore change management can be defined as the tool and process which we used to manage change within the project and its projecting change management refer to the overseeing your team to successfully incorporation into their work to achieve overall project objectives. Stakeholders are that person who can positively or negatively impact the output of the end result of the project external stakeholders are those who are not directly linked to the project but can influence activities of the project to various with so if there is any change of curd this will definitely affect the activities and the end result due to stakeholders. When we change the project management life cycle or if there are any variations in the planning and execution of a project manager have to deal with the changes in the project life cycle and how we can deal with it which are going to be discussed below.1. Be thoroughly informed about the change2. Assess whether work needed to be put in or put out3. Assess the impact on key factors4. Keep aside contingency funds5. Do not enjoy the stakeholders6. Make use of change management tools7. Use a cost Management toolIf project scope change is basically that poorly managed and controlled changes can harm theproject services including the budget overrun budget, missed deadlines and, even project failure and adding extra work and the requirement for extra budget and resources might impact the ability of delivery on target. The project manager has to follow some simple steps to solve the variation in project management and which are as follows1. Planning advance forecast revenue and actual revenue can be two very different things and the importance of comprehensive budgeting at the outside cannot be overseen.2. Check the figures as often as possible3. Monitor sub-contractor behavior4. Be prepared for late cost5. Don't presume variation will deliver a profitChange happens in the project management lifecycle this will affect each and every part and person which include stakeholders as well have a bearing level of responsibility and authority1 participating on a project this level can change over the course of the project life cycle district all the required a project manager attention throughout the project life cycle as well asplanning to address any issue they marriage so yes when the reason variation to project management plan stakeholders role will also be changed according to the situations.It is vital to get agreement of stakeholder when planning engagement methods and ongoing communication, which method manager could use to ensure that your stakeholder agree with your plan?Answer 2First, understand who the stakeholders are. A stakeholder can be a party that has an interest inthe company and can be either affected or be affected by the business the primary stakeholderis a typical corporation or its investors, employees, customers, and suppliers. stakeholders in the project management are the individuals who either care about you or have a vestedinterest in the project, the customer, the subcontractor, the supplier and sometimes even the government are the stakeholders in a project management process.this is very necessary to have an agreement of stakeholder the goal of the stakeholder agreement is the same to ensure that all the parties who are affected obliged and involved have a clear and detailed understanding of the rights duties and application of all the parties as well as the consequences liabilities associated with the failure to fulfill those obligations.The best method to manage stakeholder expectations to communicate a common understanding of project scope resources stand lines before the project execution which includes this parameter in the project plan and provides objects in a proper communication manager. To get the const int from the stakeholder by the project manager following two methods or a base could be used by the project manager and which are as follows- 1. By scheduling a meeting with them2. Sending out a newsletter3. Separate online screen to screen meeting4. Project summary report5. Schedule a conference call6. Learn and lunch meetingCommunication is the key to each and every success of the project. By using any of the abovemethod project manager can ensure that the stakeholders are conveyance with the project manager and sometimes a project manager can use the following tools for convincing the stakeholders involved in a particular project and few of the tools are as follows1. Project report2. Online Gantt charts3. Mind mapping software4. Slides and presentationsBy having effective communication with the above-mentioned tools a project manager will be able to explain stakeholders of the project very effectively which helps them to convince and agree on the plan of the project.Discuss two different methods of documenting stakeholder's communication needs.Answer 3As we discuss, communication is very important in any of the projects. It is always said one-third of the project fails due to a lack of communication. communicating regularly with the stakeholders in creating a positive understanding can help to build an effective long-term relationship with the key groups a strong relationship brings a range of benefits communicating with the customer can put you in a strong position when our customers are making purchasing decisions. A effective communication plan outlines who you need to communicate with about what, when, how, where you are going to do it, and how often it is not a business plan for your organization. It may help to achieve some of your organizational business goals. there are three general classes of communication that are needed in effective stakeholder management and they are1. Reporting - reporting method full face to purposes first one is to demonstrate your running your project properly as the project manager expected to produce a report and have scheduled is showing report shows that you are conforming to the expectations and the project is going as plant and the second one is copying a report to a person keep you in touch with them

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