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CMU COM 100 - Conflict Assignment_

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The Sindh government has imposed some restrictions on almost every sector in the province on academic, social, and cultural activities to take measures against coronavirus. A notification issued by the Sindh government that states .“All educational institutions i.e. schools, colleges, medical colleges, technical and vocational institutions, universities (both public and private), coaching centers, and madaris shall remain closed till 31st of May, 2020,” According to the reports all marriage halls banquets halls, marquees, mosques along with cinema hall shall remain closed. All religious and social congregation and ceremonies will remain close due to people's safety. All gathering shrine will also be closed due to safety reasons. Meetings with prisoners shall remain restricted until further orders. Any other public gathering of any type shall remain postponed till further notice All hospitals should restrict visitors and only emergencies to be dealt with. The government also stated that all the functions and gathe1rings at clubs, hotels, halls, and auditoriums to be cancelled or postponed.Due to this pandemic Karachi trade association suffered looses due to lockdown. All Pakistan organization of small trade and cottage industry (APSTCI)That traders are disappointed with the Sindh government restrictions against the trade association as they were being forced to starve with the lockdown restriction and demanded to openthe markets. The trade leader said that Karachi chamber of commerce and industry was also against the lockdown which was imposed by Sindh government as safety step for the people as business was badly affected and couldn’t afford to bear the loses further .the head of Sindh Tajir Ittehad, told hat the traders in Karachi used to make Rs5 billion in a day before the lockdown and they are now suffering a loss of around two billion. Due to a lot of problem faced by Karachi traders and economic markets the Karachi markets were allowed to open from 6 am to 5 pm by making thelockdown at ease .the Sindh government has also imposed strict laws which includestaking precautions against coronavirus where all customers and workers to follow thegiven rule. Where the trader associate stared that around 60% they have implemented the government's SOPs. Where workers and customers are told to adopt precautionary measures while shopping. The trade head also adds that they have set some camps outside of markets to gave awareness to the customers to take measures. The head of traders’ alliance added that they have set up camps outside the markets to aware of the customers of a precautionary measure.Due to lockdown Sindh government ban prayer in mosques and told people to offer prayers at their homes as a precautionary act but this was not accepted by people. Some people even went against the law and started the violence. Many groups of worshippers went against the law and incensed mob b turned on the police which prevented them from going to mosques. The khatib of the mosque states this un Islamic as the government has banned the worshipers going for prayers. Videos went on social media showed the anger of people towards the police and Sindh government by throwing stones and forcing the police. People who attended Friday prayers at other mosques, along with the prayer leaders who led them, said they hadleft matters to the Will of Allah, adding that no harm would befall them unless it was Divine Will. On the issue of shutting down the mosques first, the government appealed to religious scholars for guidance. It was not needed. Prayers had already been suspended at the holiest of mosques in Saudi Arabia. Many other Muslim countries had closed theirs. So why not in Pakistan..The government has taken a good step by closing major gathering places and crowdpoints as opening them will lead to many more cases but at the same time, the government should also have taken care of people who have been affected the mostby releasing a fund for needy people, working closely with charities to donate ration and basic medical supplements. Closing offices and business might help to reduce the spread of the virus but it have taken many peoples job which was their only means of earning . By closing the offices and business government should have taken precaution for this issue and implementing new laws that works in this situationsuch as fining companies who fire local employees. In addition the government should have been prepaid for these kinds of problem where lack of getting food is one of the most important. Government should arrange help and support for those who are affected by lockdown and should have provided food to these needing people in any mean one of example is as the census is taken in a country to record the population like this the food should have been distributed to needy people now distributing food to everyone is not an easy task but government with external support from businessman's and through international funds, this problem could have been solved or could have been improved at a large scale. Food is not the onlyproblem here other problems such as health and safety issues as well where the government lacked to provide safety measures to the public where there was a shortage of safety masks in the markets. Sindh government should have been prepared for the worst situation in the provinces and should have applied for funds Another problem that occurred and Sindh government faces were banning the people from worshiping in mosques Sindh government should have taken smart stepby having a meeting with Islamic schooler and prevented people coming from mosques and delivered this message with the help of those sheikhs and mulla as people are so intolerant when it comes to Islamic affairs. The Government should have made more efforts towards awareness of coronavirus and its impact.At the end , The country’s weak healthcare infrastructure is unable to bear the influx of COVID patients without the support of aid groups and

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