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We are all responsible for our future and for our actions. Every day, we learn something new about ourselves, whether we like it or not. The summer EOP program helps me develop my time management skills since I always struggle with having enough time and I can get distracted quite easily. However, I understand that if I finish my work as soon as possible, then I will have time to relax. During the program, I learned about different types of learning styles such as auditory, visual and kinesthetic, how they work and what strategies are best for me. I discovered that I am a visual learner. I like to write notes so I can read them after and memorize. I try to avoid any distractions during study times due to the fact that I prefer to study in silence. The EOP program teaches us what it means to live with a lot of people in one place where we should respect one another. In addition, this program helps us to prepare for the fall semester. This is a really good opportunity because we will already know some aspects of student life and the studying process at this university that other freshmen will not know. There is no doubt the summer program is intense and we do not have much free time, but I think that if we survive here, it means that we can also succeed in the upcoming year.Life is a learning experience and we must be able to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, whether it is positive skills that can help achieve our goals or negative skills that need improvement. By knowing them, we can become better individuals. One of my strengths is organization skills. I am organized and I applied these skills for various projects throughout this summer program. First, I perform the most difficult tasks, and then I complete the simple ones. I can do my work in the last day but I will never miss a deadline. These skills are very important when one is in college. Students need to be organized to make sure they do all assignments on time. In general, it will make one’s life just a little bit easier. My second strength is being a hard worker. I always think about my future and motivate myself that if I work hard I can achieve mygoals and be successful. In college, I need to study a lot in order to become who I want so I am ready to meet with challenges.Also, I have some weaknesses; the most prominent being public speaking. It is difficult for me at times to stand up in front of a room full of people and present a project. I am shaking so badly and I can forget some information, which makes me upset because I learned everything yet can still omit something simply because of my nervousness. I need to work on this weakness since it is needed in college to participate during class and do presentations. My second weakness is lack of creativity. I have to spend more time than it would normally take in order to create something interesting and unusual. To combat this weakness, I do research on the internet where I can find creative things and try to come up with an inspiration. Although I am not the most creative person, I am aware that I need to develop and improve this ability because most professors want to see something extraordinary from students. In my opinion, one can truly standout and be extraordinary primarily due to being creative.In conclusion, I believe that all students have different strengths and weaknesses which influence their learning progress and success. Among some of my strengths are organization skills and being hard-working. I have proven to myself that these crucial strengths are significantduring my studying and they will be highly beneficial when the first semester starts. My weaknesses are public speaking and lack of creativity which can sometimes discourage me, but I am convinced that they are completely outweighed by my

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