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Lack of KnowledgePeople should learn about other cultures and histories as they help us to improve our understanding and know that there are many different people around the world. But if there is false history that teaches us wrong information about people, we may have bias and a wrong opinion. As we know, African American History is mainly written by Europeans and in the video "The Dangers of Whitewashing Black History" David Ikard, a professor of African American and Diaspora Studies at Vanderbilt University, talks about the consequences of whitewashing black history. His talk is about that his son educated his own history teacher in the elementary school about African American History because the teacher was telling the false information about the great activist of the 1950s, Rosa Parks. David also mentioned his a university professor who wrote a book and asked him about feedback, in this book, David found a lot of misinformation.There were two moments that were very interesting to me. David Ikard says “I got angry...because my nine years old son had to educate his teacher about his history...his own humanity”1 In his speech, David mentioned that the teacher was white and young. I believe that the teacher is not particularly worried about what she says, because she did not check whether or not her information was correct. Her teaching will affect students' understanding of African American History, because they will learn misinformation, and maybe some of them will never find the truth that Rosa Parks is a very important person in history who tried to show that Africanhumanity should have the same rights as white people. But how can we learn other stories and cultures, if there is false information? All of these are connected to American exceptionalism 1Ikard, David Talks, TEDx. YouTube. June 13, 2018. Accessed July 11, 2019. 34.2that Americans can’t study other areas that beyond the borders because they believe that they are central and superpower in the world and they don’t need to pay attention to others. White people discriminated against black people so much that they did not have respect to write the history of African people properly. As another statement from the speech that a university professor wrote a book in which he missed a lot of information, and David was disappointed with this fact because it is his history, and this professor shows disrespect for his history, his culture by writing this book. Thus, there is a lot of misinformation about the history of African Americans around the world, because it is written by white people who spoke about their views on African Americans, but what about these African American people' perspectives who have been always subjected to violence and discrimination. In this way they put black bodies at bottom of humanness. They are telling that Africa is barbaric, African culture is barbaric, people are poor, hungry and need a saving. White people put forward the idea that thereis only history from Europe.In conclusion, discrimination and racism of black people continues today. African Americans still have to fight for justice in this world. What happened in the past affects the present. People treated black people as animals, and they did not think that they should write the right history about them or study the African History. Students’ first experience to African History occurs through the study of slavery which means that teachers simply don’t know enough about the history of African civilizations to teach their student because thousands of years of African history existed before contact with Europe. Thereby, African American students are faced with the problem of not understanding their own culture and background. Discrimination affects African people' education, they are less likely than white people to get a college degree. That’s why there is a need to increase diversity and cultural competence in the3teaching workforce because the history needs to be corrected, people should tell their real stories.Recruiting teachers of color is important, as some children of color will go through their entire educational career without having a teacher who looks like them, without any

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