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GSU NUTR 3100 - Cronometer Assignment

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Cronometer Assignment Part 1 (40 points)Due Sunday, November 24th by 11:59pmPart 1 of this assignment is designed to teach you how to enter a food diary into an online food tracker. You willbe using the food diary that you completed previously for this assignment.For Part 1, you must submit both the completed Food Diary Entry (from your 1-day food diary) and your generated Nutrition Report from your food diary entry. Submit both on one PDF for full credit, instructions below.Part 1 – Food Diary Entry and Nutrition Report (40 points total: 20 points for completed Food Diary Entry; 20 points for Nutrition Report)Cronometer Account Setup Process1. Navigate to Cronometer.com2. Click “Sign up for free” on home page3. Create your account using your preferred email address and password (make sure to hold on to these for future use)4. Complete “Your Body Type” section using your information (you may also make up information for thissection)5. Check box next to “I agree to the Terms of Service”6. Click “Create Account”7. You should now receive an email from Cronometer asking you to verify your account8. Navigate to your email and click on the link provided in the email9. Your account should now be activeHow to Input Your 1-Day Food Diary to generate the Food Diary Entry1. Once logged in, click “Add Food” near the top left of your account’s homepage2. Using your food diary, enter in the first item that you consumed 3. Click the option that best describes the food/drink item (you will not be counted off if you can’t find the exact food that you consumed)4. Near the bottom of the screen, enter the number of servings as well as the serving size unit (failure to specify correct servings and serving size units will skew the results of the Nutrition Report)5. Click “Add serving”6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all food and drinks have been enteredProcess for Retrieving and Submitting Completed Food Diary Entry and Nutrition Report1. Right click on your Cronometer homepage, then select “Print” (or click Crtrl+P)2. Rather than sending to a printer, change the destination of the “Print” to “Save as PDF”3. Click “Save,” then save it to your computer4. Navigate to NUTR 3100 on iCollege and submit the PDF under the “Cronometer Assignment” DropboxPart 2 – Comparison and Reflection (30 points total; 5 points per question)Complete the following questions using Mary Jane’s Nutrition Report that was provided.1. Which macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, and protein) did Mary Jane NOT meet? a. Carbohydrates b. Fat c. Protein d. Answer choices A and Be. She met all of them2. Mary Jane had the lowest percentage of daily needs for which vitamin? a. Vitamin Db. Vitamin Cc. Vitamin E d. All of the abovee. Answers choices A and C 3. Mary Jane DID NOT meet her daily needs for fiber a. True b. False 4. Which mineral did Mary Jane meet daily needs for? a. Copperb. Magnesium c. Calciumd. Iron 5. Empty calories are foods that are high in calories but provide little nutrition (Ex. Candy bar/desserts, baked goods, soda, sauces, etc.). Based on Mary Jane’s food diary entry in her nutrition report, which foods with could Mary Jane remove from her diet to reduce her calorie intake? (list at least THREE foods with empty calories for full credit). 6. Based on Mary Janes food diary in her nutrition report, what are TWO specific changes Mary Jane couldmake to increase her overall fiber intake? (Ex: Mary Jane could swap her ice cream dessert for a yogurt parfait with oats and fruit)7. Bonus (3 points): Mary Jane tells you that she usually eats Chick-Fil-A for dinner because she has class in the evenings and does not have time to cook dinner. What suggestions would you make for Mary Janeto change her habit of eating Chick-Fil-A for dinner given her perceived time barrier? What to submit:- Part 1: Your generated Food Diary Entry and Nutrition Report - Part 2: Submit this completed

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