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Ethical Issues in BusinessMGMT 2020Memo #2Memorandum #2TO: Dr. MelendezDepartment of Management and Organizations. FROM: Michael Lemoine MJLMGMT 202RE: Mark GonzalezDATE: February 20, 2020(1) What did you find most interesting about Mark Gonzalez's (Vanguard, University Relations Lead) background? What I found most interesting about Mark Gonzalez was his ability to transition and excel into different sectors. Gonzalez mentioned that he learned the most during his five years in theU.S. Navy. To men in the navy they felt that there was something bigger than themselves. Gonzalez continued to pursue a finance degree afterwards and saw himself work for four different firms. He found himself in situations with ethical dilemmas that he didn’t resonate with. Furthermore, he found himself in a situation with a firm that carried out different ethicalbeliefs that separated themselves from the rest. In doing so, I found it interesting how his current position allows himself to travel to different universities along the west coast and talk about the ethical dilemmas he has faced in the past and how a firm like Vanguard is setting a different ethical approach to business with their clients. (2) Describe the ethical dilemma Mark faced when he had to decide between doing whathe was told versus telling the truth. After Mark Gonzalez’s five- year service in the Navy, he decided to pursue finance. He transitioned to four different firms searching for the right fit. However, he found an ethical dilemma by making unethical decisions to make more money. Therefore, Gonzalez found himself working for Vanguard, which paid $12k of medical debt his first week of employment and promised him a different approach in their process of making ethical decisions. While talking to students, he found himself in yet another dilemma in deciding what he believed was the truth and what wasn’t. He confronted his superiors who also eventually agreed in his decision to tell the whole truth even if it wasn’t in the firm’s best interest. Gonzalez believed in brave and candid answers when in ethical

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