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Sedimentation In this topic I learn about internal and external processes. I learn that internal process are occur due to sun while internal process are due to earth’s internal energy. I have also learn about mass wasting that is due to gravity. Earth’s surface is not flat, it consists of slope surfaces, slopes are also not same everywhere. Natural hazards also occur like land sliding. Mass wasting occurs after weathering when rock becomes weak then mass wasting occurs. Mass wasting and running water produces stream valleys. Mass wasting also occurs by rain when rain water saturates the material. I have also learned that angle of repose is steepest angle at which slope is stable. Vegetation effects the stability of slope and earthquake also have effect on stability of slope i.e. decreases stability.In this topic I also have studied about water cycle. I have studied that when it rains, some of water returns to atmosphere, some infiltrated into soil while rest of water runs on surface and enters in the rivers or ocean. Glaciers are the large deposits of water. I also have studied about drainage basin that drainage basins are surface run off that takes water to river. Two drainage basins are separated from each other by imaginary line called divide. I have studied about river system that these are divided into 3 zones. Those zones are sediment production, sediment transport and sediment deposition. When river reaches to another large water body then it slows down. Flow can be laminar and can be turbulent. Laminar flow is in line while turbulent is in irregular form. There are some factors that effects the velocity of water. Those factors are slope, channel size, channel roughness etc. I have studied that when water flows, it takes sediments and boulders with it. It carries small particles at larger distance while big boulders at less distance. Stream takes their load in 3 forms and those forms are dissolved loads, suspended load, and bed load. I also studied about different channels like bedrock channels are between steeper and gentle slopes, alluvial channels consists of loosely consolidated sediment, meandering channels transport load in suspension and braided channels are complex converging and diverging channels. I also have studied about base levels and stream erosions. Base levels are lowest levels through which water can erode while stream are the basic agents that erode streams. I also have studied about deltas that these are the places where water deposit sediments. I also have studied about flood that occur due to weather becausein rainy season there occur much rain and rivers become full of water and excess water causes flood. There are many ways to control flood like building of dams, artificial leaves and channelization in which speed of water increases so that rivers may not be get full of water. I studied that ground consists of saturated as well as unsaturated zone. In saturated zone there is water while in unsaturated zone there is no water. I also studied about porosity and permeability. I also have studied about water springs. I also studied that artesian wells are drilled in confined aquifer. When too much water is extracted from a well then there occur cone of depression. I have also studied that water is a valuable resource and people use it less carefully. If the situationcontinues then we will lost it and then there will be no water. So we should use it at less rate at which aquifers are charged.From this topic I have one thing that water is a valuable resource. Life is impossible without water. Water is use in every part of life. As water is decreasing day by day so we should recyclethe water like sewerage water and we should use sea water as much as possible by making it freefrom salt in industries. In this way we can make life better.I have a question for you guys. Please tell me that how can we reduce mass wasting because water has to freeze in winter and it would causes the fractures to widen so what should be the steps to reduce mass

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