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UB MGE 302 - Introduction to Management Information Systems

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Introduction to Management Information Systems MGS 351 – Fall 2019 Instructor: David Murray Teaching Assistants: Jacobs 206JEmail: [email protected] Samuel Cruver: [email protected]: Jacobs 284 Phone: 645-3249 Kirsten McCarthy: [email protected] hours: Thursday 2:00 - 3:15 (or by appointment) Paige Roseman: [email protected] Site: Sally-Edith Yong: [email protected] (SIM) Course Objectives:This course provides students with an introduction to Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) and theiruse in an increasingly competitive business world. As future managers, you need to be equipped to make decisionsconcerning the planning, development and implementation of information technology resources to increase organizationaleffectiveness and create a strategic advantage. The course accomplishes this by:· Introducing basic concepts of IS and IT· Exploring how technology can be used to create business value· Examining the potential benefits and limitations of IT and providing an overview of the components of computers.· Increasing awareness of managerial issues raised by the use of IT· Providing “hands on” exercises to practice course material· Providing a foundation needed for subsequent MIS coursework Prerequisites:MGQ 201 - Introduction to Computers and Statistics. Concurrent registration is not allowed. Optional Course Textbook:· Management Information Systems for the Information Age: 9th Edition Haag, McGraw Hill Inc., 2013. Digital Access:The lecture is recorded on Thursday at 3:30 PM in Jacobs 106, and will be posted on UBLearns by Friday at 10:00 AM. Space permitting, any student is welcome to attend the “live” section of the class. It is important to keep up with thelectures online just as you would a “live” class. Please do not ask me or your TA questions about the class, homework orproject if you haven’t watched the lecture that week yet! It’s your responsibility to first watch the lectures. Labs:The lab provides you with an opportunity to practice material covered in lecture and to work on homework assignmentsand the team project. Periodic pop quizzes and exercises will also be assigned during lab. Lab attendance is mandatory,and each absence will result in a 3-point penalty assessed on your Professionalism grade. Students arriving more than 5minutes late to lab will be marked absent. Students arriving unprepared may result in a 2-point penalty at the discretion ofthe TA. One absence or late arrival is permitted without penalty. Please don’t ask me to change any of your lab grades asI will not change a lab grade that a TA has submitted to me. Homework Assignments:There are 5 homework assignments designed to help reinforce the material that has been covered in the lecture and labs. Completion of these assignments is crucial to your success in this course. Portions of assignments submitted late, butwithin 72 hours after the submission deadline, will be assessed a 50% penalty. Portions of assignmentssubmitted 72 hours after the submission deadline are not accepted and will receive a score of 0. Questionspertaining to your homework grades must be addressed to your TA within 2 weeks of the assignment due date. Final Team Project:You will work in teams of no more than five to develop a database system using the Salesforce platform. Your teams willbe assigned in labs so that you will have a dedicated time during which your team can meet. Projects will be evaluatedbased on the system’s required functionality and enhancements, adequacy of system testing, attention to aesthetics andgroup member peer evaluations. Further details will be given in lecture and lab.Exams:There will be two midterm exams plus a non-cumulative final exam administered during finals week. There are no make-up exams except under exceptional circumstances. Exams will be held in Knox 20 and Knox 104 from 5:30-7:00 PMon 9/20 and 10/25. Please reschedule your work, social and family commitments accordingly. SIM students shouldconsult with the Singapore Institute of Management for information about the specific dates and times of their exams. Course Conduct:You are required to observe the rules of academic integrity and classroom conduct established by the University atBuffalo. Cheating will not be tolerated. Students found cheating will receive a grade of F for the course and may besubject to further disciplinary action by the School of Management and/or the University at Buffalo. The University atBuffalo and School of Management Academic Integrity policies are posted on the course website and should be reviewedcarefully. Grading:Assignment PointsExam I 50Exam II 50Final Exam 50Team Project Proposal & Design 5Final Team Project Submission 50Homework 1 15Homework 2 15Homework 3 15Homework 4 15Homework 5 15Lab Assessments, Exercises and Professionalism 20 A course grade of A is 282 points and above, A- is 270 points and above, B+ is 262.5 points and above, B is 255 pointsand above, B- is 240 points and above, C+ is 232.5 points and above, C is 225 points and above, C- is 210 points andabove, D+ is 202.5 points and above, D is 195 points and above and a grade of F is earned if you receive less than 195points. Depending on the overall class performance, I reserve the right to adjust the scale. My decision to adjust thescale will only be made at the end of the semester once all of the course grades are in. According to University Regulations, a grade of Incomplete can only be given if the student is currently passing the courseand circumstances prevent them from completing the semester. Incomplete grades will not be given once the student hastaken the final exam. **November 8th is the last day to resign the course. Tentative Course Schedule:Date Text Ch Topics Assignments (Dates Due)8/29 Course Introduction Download & Read Syllabus Haag 1 The Information Age in Which You Live Salesforce 1 Overview of Databases & Salesforce 9/5 Haag XLM A Computer Hardware and Software Salesforce 2 Design and Create Objects to Store Data 9/12 Haag XLM B The World Wide Web and the Internet HW 1 due 9/13 at 6:00 PM Salesforce 3 Simplify Data Entry with Page Layouts 9/20 Exam I (Haag Ch. 1, XLM A, XLM B and Salesforce Ch. 1, 2 and 3) held in Knox 20 and 104 at 5:30 PM9/26 Haag XLM C Final Project Overview – Relational DatabaseDesign 10/3 Haag 3 Databases and Data Warehouses HW 2 due 10/4 at 6:00 PM Salesforce 4 Obtain Valuable Information

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