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Neurology & Touch & Pain

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PSYC 210 Neurology & Touch & Pain 1/3/20➔ Event Related Optical Signal ◆ Event- related optical signal (EROS) is a neuroimaging technique that uses infrared light through optical fibers that are present - Event Related Potentials (ERP) - Warning signal and auditory stimulus, a bunch of initial waves that come from thebrain - The initial potentials (N1 & N2) are influenced by selective attention. The mismatch negativity is caused by an auditory stimulus that is physically deviant from the previous. tHE OTHER TWO COMPONENT DETERMINED BY cognitive. - Semantically incorrect words: false statements of category relationships ❖ P600/ SPS➢ Phrase structure anomalies■ He gave the ball the to man ■ Verb tense anomalies: the cats won’t eating the food ■ Subject-verb agreement: the lecture was interesting ➢ Reflexive antecedent gender disagreement ➢ The man gave herself a raise ➢ Working Memory ○ The lateral prefrontal cortex may provide a transient buffer for sustaining info stored in other cortical regions ○ Long-term knowledge is reactivated and maintained by connections b/w prefrontal cortex & other posterior regions of the cortex Touch and Pain ❏ Somatosensory System ❏ Relays info about the body ❏ Touch, temperature, body position= proprioception ❏ Organic senses (heart, burn), pain= nociception ● Labeled Line System ○ Receptors= neurons that transduce or change a physical stimulus into neuralevents ○ In the skin, each receptors and a specialized ending the response to a specific attribute of the stimulus ○ Deals with what your feeling- the texture of something etc ● Receptor Potential ○ A pacinian corpuscle responds to pressure ○ When deformed (skin pressed), Na channels are opened, which depolarized the ending ○ Receptor or generator potential is the potential measure in the specialized ending. If ending depolarized enough produce an action potential .■ They adapt★ Adaptation ○ Adaptation= loss of sensitivity to continuous presence of stimulus ○ Labeled Line system- that is the travel pathway that will carry the neuron ➢ Receptive Fields ○ Each receptor has a receptive field= the regions of the receptor surface that excited or inhibits a sensory neuron ■ Size of receptive fields: ● For each type of receptor, the receptive fields are smallest in the fingertips, larger in the hand, even larger in the arm ● Receptive field size varies w/ use ❖ Somatosensory Pathways ➢ Cell body in dorsal root ganglion ➢ Info ascends in the dorsal columns to the medulla, then to thalamus and then to somatosensory cortex ● Ascending pathways ○ Traveling up the spinal cord and carrying the info upward ○ Fasciulus gracis ○ Faciouslou cunetous Organization of spinal cord - Motor neurons and dorsal

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