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K-State PSYCH 470 - Chapter 1 Notes

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Psych 470 – KSUChapter 1- Dualism is the belief that the body is physical but the mind (or soul) is not.- Monism is the belief that the world consists only of matter and energy and that the minda phenomenon produced by workings of the nervous system.o Creates your perception of experiences. - Blindsight is where a person can “see” things without them realizing they have perceiveda visual stimulus. o Part of the brain could “see” and avoid objects, but the other part of the brain can’t process those visions. - The corpus callosum is a fiber bundle that connects the two sides of the brain’s hemispheres. - A split-brain operation is done by cutting the corpus callosum.o Can help with epilepsy by stopping communication through both sides.- Unilateral neglect occurs in people with damaged R parietal lobes (responsible for whereobjects are in space and where your body is physically) and if damaged, things become “one-sided” and those people neglect their left side and things on the left side of any object.o Example: People with unilateral neglect will be asked to draw a clock, and they will draw the whole circle, but will right all of the numbers on the right side, or only the numbers that are supposed to be on the right side. - Johannes Müller coined the term “nerve energies”, and also found and used experimental ablation.o Experimental ablation: see which part of the brain is at a loss, or do surgery to remove damaged brain part, and then see the responses and changes of the brain due to the loss. o Peirre Flourens also used experimental ablation- Paul broca found human lesions, a biological root of behavioral neuroscience.- Gustav Fritsch and Eduard Hitzig used electrical stimulation to observe brain function.- Herman von Helmholtz found the Law of Conservation of energy and blindness and was the first to measure the speed of nerve conduction.- Darwin formulated the principles of natural selection and evolution, which revolutionized biology. - Functionalism: the best way to understand biological phenomenon is to try to understand its useful functions for an organismo Look at a particular structure and see how evolution has changed it.- Natural selection: Inherited traits that confer selective advantage become more prevalent in a population.- Ethical issues in research with animals:o Humane treatment consists of appropriate animal care, the reduction or elimination of discomfort, prevent infection with antibiotics, and animal treatment needs required approval for research (IACUC).o The benefits of animal research is that treatments and potential cures for many medical and psychiatric diseases and disorders can be found. - A physiological psychologist is a scientist who studies the physiology of behavior, primarily by performing physiological and behavior experiments with laboratory animals.o Also used: biological psychology, biopsychology, psychobiology, and behavioral

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