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UIUC PSYC 239 - Blaming Victim

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PSYC 239 ActivityVersion 1Once upon a time, a husband and a wife, named Sue, lived together in a part of the city separatedby a river from the places of employment, shopping and entertainment. The husbandhad to work nights. Each evening he left his wife and took the ferry to work, returning in themorning.Sue soon tired of this arrangement. Restless and lonely, she would take the next ferry intotown and develop relationships with a series of lovers. Anxious to preserve her marriage, shealways returned home before her husband. In fact, her relationships were always limited. Whenthey threatened to become too intense, she would precipitate a quarrel with her current loverand begin a new relationship.One night Sue caused such a quarrel with a man we will call Lover 1. He slammed the door in her face, and she started back to the ferry. Suddenly, she realized that she had forgotten to bringmoney for her return fare. She swallowed her pride and returned to Lover 1’s apartment. ButLover 1 was vindictive and angry because of the quarrel. He slammed the door on his formerlover, leaving her with no money. She remembered that a previous lover, who we shall call Lover2, lived just a few doors away. Surely he would give her the ferry fare. However, Lover 2 was still so hurt from their old quarrel that he, too, refused her the money. Now the hour was late and the woman was getting desperate. She rushed down to the ferry and pleaded with the ferryboat captain. He knew her as a regular customer. She asked if he could let her ride free and if she could pay the next night. But the captain insisted that rules were rules and that he could not let her ride without paying the fare.Dawn would soon be breaking, and Sue’s husband would be returning from work. Sheremembered that there was a free bridge about a mile further on. But the road to the bridge wasa dangerous one, known to be frequented by highwaymen. Nonetheless, she had to get home, soshe took the road. On the way a highwayman stepped out of the bushes and demanded hermoney. She told him she had none. He seized her. In the ensuing tussle, the highwaymanstabbed the woman, and she died. Thus ends our story. There have been six characters: Husband, Sue, Lover 1, Lover 2, Ferryboat Captain, and Highwayman. Please list, in descending order of responsibility for this woman’s death, all the characters. In other words, the one most responsible for her death is listed first; the next most responsible, second; and so forth.1) Highwayman2) Lover 13) sue4) lover 25) Husband6) Ferry boat captainSchlehofer, M.

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