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JWU PHIL 3040 - What should you do

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Acosta 1Lorraine AcostaPHIL 304020 October 2019What Should You Do?This situation is extremely unethical in any which way you look at it. It very much reminds me of the Equifax breach that happened not long too ago. For starters, the top executives took advantage of the breach for personal, monetary gain by selling their shares before the public knew about the breach. They knew that the company’s stock value would go down significantly and decided to monetize on the situation before the inevitable happened. Not only is this highly unethical, but it is also illegal (insider trading). Egoism relates to this situation because the top executives were only looking out for their own gain; they were awfullyselfish in a terrible situation for millions of individuals. For a Hedonist, happiness is the greatest good and it should be the ultimate life goal, and to obtain the greatest good, one must fulfill their desires. In this case, the corporate leaders’ desires must have been getting a lot of money quickly (as if their fat salaries weren’t enough). This also relates to the utilitarian theory becausethese people didn’t care about the means through which they gained all that money; they only cared about the end result. Secondly, the supervisor’s spouse is the HR Officer. This person has the power to fire whomever they want and could even manipulate situations and information to make the firing justifiable. In this case, there is a conflict of interest due to the nature of their relationship in theworkplace; the employee’s duties to the employer is compromised by self-interest. Lastly, theyAcosta 2have the nerve to want to blame the breach on innocent workers that, more than likely, had nothing to do with this disaster. They are wanting to wipe their hands clean, not accept responsibility for what’s happened, and let others go down for it on the mere fact that they are “not well-liked by managers.” I know that if I were to blow the whistle, I could lose my job, but, if I really were in this situation, I wouldn’t care about being let go. There are jobs everywhere and I wouldn’t want to work for such corrupt people anyway. I couldn’t live with myself if I played a role in tarnishing my employees’ careers and lives knowing that they had nothing to dowith it or just because I was following orders. It’s unfair and cowardly and, right after getting fired, because I know I would, I’d go to every news outlet and expose them for not only breakingthe law, but also for wanting to rise on the fall of millions. I think that some ways to remedy this situation, although millions of peoples’ information are already exposed, would be to arrest the people involved in insider trading because they, ultimately, broke the law, and perhaps provide better access to platforms that prevent leaks of sensitive

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