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JWU ILS 2090 - Bartleby the Scrivener Reflection

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Acosta 1Lorraine AcostaILS 20903 November 2019Bartleby the Scrivener ReflectionOne thing I realized when starting to work on this essay, is that in order to answer to the prompt, I must analyze the characters and, specifically, their characters. Who are they really? And how does who they are affect the work that they do, or vice versa? Beginning with the Lawyer, he describes himself as an easy-going man. He even goes to say that, since he was young, he “has been filled with a profound conviction that the easiest way of life is the best” (Melville, p. 1). This personality trait is expressed in the type of lawyer he chose to be, mainly dealing with wealthy people’s bonds and title deeds, etc., rather than arguing in court. He mentions that he doesn’t even allow the most frustrating situations to get to him and disturb hispeace. He is a very gentle and kind man, but this affects his business the most. His big heart andhis nonchalant way of living and going about his business, I believe, blind him when it comes to making necessary executive decisions. I started to look at the Lawyer more like a “collector of characters,” like he actually enjoyed getting to know these people who behaved so strangely. He hires rather bizarre individuals who only do half of the job, if any at all, or only work for half of the day. Ironically, they complement each other and make up for each other’s shortcomings, so I guess it works out. Turkey is diligent and meticulous in the mornings, however, once twelve o’clock comes around, it’s like a light switch is flipped. He’s what, today, we call a “hot mess.” He is an olderAcosta 2man, around the same age as the Lawyer, but they’re not built quite the same. The Lawyer evenoffers him to only work in the mornings and to take the afternoons off until tea time to give him some time to rest and get himself together, but I think that Turkey refused because he didn’t want to feel useless, especially at his age. This job seems to be all he has and all that he is and going home to sit down for a bit is simply not an option for him, regardless of the many mistakes he is responsible for. Bartleby is something else. He was an excellent employee at first, but that work ethic seemed to slowly disappear with every “I would prefer not to” that came out of his mouth. I find the

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