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UTD CS 6334 - Virtual Reality

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Course Syllabus Page 1 Course Syllabus Course Information Course Number & Section CS 6334.001 Course Title Virtual Reality Term Fall 2018 Days & Times Tues & Thurs 2:30pm - 3:45pm Location ECSS 2.306 Professor Contact Information Professor Ryan P. McMahan, Ph.D. Office Phone 972-883-6610 Email Address [email protected] Office Location ATC 1.602 Office Hours Tues & Thurs 1:15pm - 2:15pm Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions CS 5343 Algorithm Analysis and Data Structures for CS 6334 Course Description Theory and practice of virtual reality (VR). Provides in-depth overview of VR, including input devices, output devices, 3D navigation techniques, 3D selection and manipulation techniques, system control techniques, interaction fidelity, scenario fidelity, display fidelity, design guidelines, and evaluation methods. Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes • Ability to develop 3D virtual environments. • Ability to describe and develop 3D navigation techniques. • Ability to describe and develop 3D selection and manipulation techniques. • Ability to describe system control techniques. • Ability to develop immersive virtual reality applications. • Ability to recognize and describe the components of system fidelity. Required Textbooks and Materials Required Texts LaViola, J., Kruijff, E., McMahan, R., Bowman, D., and Poupyrev, I. 3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition. Addison-Wesley Professional, 2017. Required Materials None Suggested Course Materials Suggested Readings/Texts None Suggested Materials NoneCourse Syllabus Page 2 Assignments & Academic Calendar Topics, Reading Assignments, Due Dates, Exam Dates Week Tuesday Thursday Assignments 1 08/21 Course Overview 08/23 3D Virtual Environment Development 2 08/28 Online Quiz #1: Ch. 5 Output Hardware 08/30 Online Quiz #2: Ch. 6 Input Hardware 3 09/04 Online Quiz #3: Ch. 8 Travel 09/06 3D Travel Technique Development HW #1: 3D Virtual Environment Due Sunday (09/09) 4 09/11 Online Quiz #4: Ch. 7 Selection and Manipulation 09/13 3D Manipulation Technique Development 5 09/18 Online Quiz #5: Ch. 9 System Control 09/20 Online Quiz #6: Ch. 10 Designing VR Interfaces HW #2: 3D Travel Due Sunday (09/23) 6 09/25 Online Quiz #7: AFFECT AFFECT Framework 09/27 Project Pitch Ideation Project Pitch Due Sunday (09/30) 7 10/02 Project Pitches 10/04 Project Pitches HW #3: 3D Manipulation Due Sunday (10/07) 8 10/09 Team Introductions 10/11 Team Prototyping 9 10/16 Online Quiz #8: Ch. 3 Human Factors 10/18 Team Prototyping 10 10/23 Online Quiz #9: Ch. 4 Human-Computer Interaction 10/25 Team Prototyping 11 10/30 Online Quiz #10: Ch. 11 Evaluation of VR Interfaces 11/01 Team Prototyping Preliminary Prototype Due Sunday (11/04) 12 11/06 Preliminary Prototype Demonstrations 11/08 Preliminary Prototype Demonstrations 13 11/13 The Future of VR 11/15 Team Prototyping 14 11/20 Fall Break 11/22 Thanksgiving Day 15 11/27 Final Review 11/29 Team Prototyping 16 12/04 Final Exam 12/06 Reading Day Final Prototype Due Thursday (12/06) Final Demonstrations Final exam period (TBD)Course Syllabus Page 3 Grading Policy Credit Distribution of Assignments and Exams • Online Quizzes o 25% Online Quizzes (before class Aug. 28 through Oct. 30) • Homework o 10% 3D Virtual Environment (due Sunday, Sep. 9) o 10% 3D Travel (due Sunday, Sep. 23) o 10% 3D Manipulation (due Sunday, Oct. 7) • Team Project o 5% Project Pitch (due Sunday, Sep. 30; presented in class) o 10% Preliminary Prototype (due Sunday, Nov. 4; presented in class) o 15% Final Prototype (due Thursday, Dec. 6; presented in final exam period) • Exam o 15% Final Exam (in class Tuesday, Dec. 4) Grading Scale • A 93 or above • A- 90-93 • B+ 87-90 • B 83-87 • B- 80-83 • C+ 77-80 • C 70-77 • F 70 or below Course Policies Class Attendance Required. Per the Professor’s policy, every unexcused absence will result in a 3-point deduction from the student’s final grade. Students can make up unexcused absences by either a) participating as human subjects in research studies approved by the UTD Institutional Review Board, or b) attending and actively participating in a UTD Computer Science Colloquium. For every hour of participation, one unexcused absence will be forgiven. Per the Computer Science Department policy, three consecutive absences will result in a letter grade deduction, and four consecutive absences will result in an F. This policy will supersede the Professor’s policy (e.g., three consecutive unexcused absences will only result in a letter grade deduction and not a 9-point final grade deduction additionally). Make-up exams Will not be offered. Extra Credit Extra credit will not be offered unless otherwise noted in an assignment. Late Work Late work will not be accepted unless otherwise noted in an assignment. Classroom Citizenship The professor expects students to take active part in classroom participation. Failure to do so may count as an unexcused absence despite being physically present.Course Syllabus Page 4 Comet Creed This creed was voted on by the UT Dallas student body in 2014. It is a standard that Comets choose to live by and encourage others to do the same: “As a Comet, I pledge honesty, integrity, and service in all that I do.” UT Dallas Syllabus Policies and Procedures The information contained in the following link constitutes the University’s policies and procedures segment of the course syllabus. Please go to for these policies. The descriptions and timelines contained in this syllabus are subject to change at the discretion of the

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