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9/26/2017 Assignment_3file:///var/folders/jb/gp_rc7054lbfqxzmc73xdt0m0000gn/T/mume117826-97524-mvjb9i.v0gj5rk9.html 1/21. Carry out exercise 2.14, 2.17 and 2.23 of the textbook.Question2.14 [5] <§§2.2, 2.5> Provide the type and assembly language instruction for the following binary Answer:Since the Op filed is . So this is the Type R format. So binary value for each filed are showedbelow: Op rs rt rd shamt funct Since the funct filed and the Op filed is and . So after we match with the table, we got that thisis an add instruction. Thus the operation for add instruction isR[rd]=R[rs]+R[rt] The actual instruction is:add $s0,$s0,$s0 Question2.17 [5] <§2.5> Provide the type, assembly language instruction, and binary representation ofinstruction described by the following MIPS fields:op=0x23, rs=1, rt=2,const=0x4 Answer:Type: I format op= rs=1(Assembler Temporary) rt=2(means $ register) value: 0000,0010,0001,0000,1000,0000,0010,0000two000000= 000000= 10000 = =10hex1610= 10000 = =10hex1610= 10000 = =10hex1610= 00000= 100000 =20hexex20h0= 10,001123hexv09/26/2017 Assignment_3file:///var/folders/jb/gp_rc7054lbfqxzmc73xdt0m0000gn/T/mume117826-97524-mvjb9i.v0gj5rk9.html 2/2const Assembly language instruction:lw $v0,4($at) Binary representation:op rs rt const100011 00001 00010 0000,0000,0000,0100Question2.23 [5] <§2.7> Assume holds the value 0x00101000. What is the value of $ after the followinginstructions? slt $t2, $0, $t0 bne $t2, $0, ELSE j DONE ELSE: addi $t2, $t2, 2 DONE: Answer:Since for the first step, we know that is larger than 0. So the first step, .Since for the bne instruction, , so turn to ELSE to execute the . So finally, .2. Write a MIPS assembly language program thata) Prompt the user for an integer in the range of 0 to 50. If the user inputs 0 the program stops.b) Otherwise, the program stores the numbers from 0 up to the input value into an array of words inmemory, i.e. initializes the array with values from 0 up to N where N is the value that user has inputted.c) The program then adds the value of all items of the array together (up to N) by loading them from themain memory then add them up, then prints out the sum with the message "The sum of integers from 0to N is:". For example, if the user gave 5 as the input the program prints out "The sum of integers from0 to 5 is 15".Submit your work as a zip file as specified in the syllabus to eLearning by the due date.= = 0000,0000,0000,01004hex$t0t2$t0 =001010002$t2 = 1$t2 ≠ 0$t2 = $t2 + 2$t2

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