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UTD CS 4384 - Automata Theory

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CS 4384 – Automata TheoryCourse InformationCS 4384 Automata TheorySpring 2018, sections 501 & 502Professor Contact InformationDr. James [email protected] Hours: Tu 4:30 – 6:30, and by appointment; ECSS 4.608Teaching Assistant TBACourse Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other RestrictionsCS 3305 with a grade of C or betterCourse DescriptionAutomata Theory (3 semester credit hours) A review of the abstract notions encountered in machine computation. Topics include finite automata, regular expressions, PDAs, and context-free languages.Student Learning Objectives/OutcomesAbility to design finite state automata and regular expressions Ability to convert among DFA, NFA, regular expressions Ability to show that a language is not regular Ability to design Push-Down Automata (PDA) and Context-Free Grammars Ability to convert PDAs to context free grammars and vice-versa Ability to show that a language is not context freeRequired Textbooks and MaterialsSipser, M.: "Introduction to the Theory of Computation" (3rd edition) 2012.Course Syllabus Page 1Assignments & Academic CalendarTentative exam dates:Exam 1: Wednesday, February 21 / Thursday, February 22Exam 2: Wednesday, April 4 / Thursday, April 5Exam 3: In exam week, as scheduled by the registrarGrading PolicyHomework: 10%Exams: 90%Grading will be on a curve, and will not be decided until all grades are in.No extra credit will be given.Attendance PoliciesClass attendance is mandatory. In accordance with department policy, three consecutive unexcused absences will result in a one letter drop of the course grade, and four consecutive unexcused absences will result in a grade of F for the course.(If there are excused absences or examinations in the middle of three unexcused absences, that's still three unexcused absences.)(Multiple runs of three unexcused absences will result in multiple letter drops.)Additionally, absence from more than half of the classes (excluding examinations and excused absences) will result in a grade of F for the course.Excused absences must be coordinated with the instructor prior to the absence, except for emergencies. A student who misses a class is still responsible for any handouts, announcements, reading material and contents of the missed class.All make-up exams are scheduled and given at the discretion of the instructor.Make-up exams are only given to those students who coordinate the missing of an exam prior to the originally scheduled exam date and time, or for an emergency.Assignment PoliciesAll assignments must be submitted online via eLearning.The submission must be a single file of a format which can be displayed in the elearning grading system. This includes pdf files and Microsoft Word documents. File types which do not work include image files (jpg, gif, png, and others), compressed archives (zip, and others), text files (.txt), and many others.Course Syllabus Page 2If you choose to typeset your homework, export it to a pdf, then submit.If you choose to write your homework longhand, scan it in, then submit the resultant pdf. If you take pictures of your homework, that’s ok, if you pass it through a cam scanning program.The following errors will result in a grade of 0 for an assignment: more than one file submitted, blurry or otherwise difficult to read, pages oriented upside down or sideways, raw pictures not passed through a cam scanning program, file format other than pdf or Microsoft Word document.It is your responsibility to be sure your homework is uploaded to elearning properly. After submitting, check to make sure the file actually uploaded and that it is the correct file.Every assignment has a cutoff date after which it can no longer be submitted. Do not wait until the cutoff date to submit the assignment. If you did not solve the homework correctly, you will geta very low score, but you will have the opportunity to resubmit the assignment without penalty. Once the cutoff date passes, however, you cannot resubmit the assignment.UT Dallas Syllabus Policies and ProceduresThe information contained in the following link constitutes the University’s policies and procedures segment of the course syllabus. Please go to for these policies.The descriptions and timelines contained in this syllabus are subject to change at the discretionof the Professor.Course Syllabus Page

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