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UTD CS 6363 - Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms

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CS 6363.006 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms – Fall 2018 MW 10:00-11:15am, ECSS 2.201 Instructor: D.T. Huynh Office: ECSS 3.801 Office Hours: Mon/Wed. 11:15 – 12:15pm (For an appointment please email [email protected]) Teaching Assistant: TBA Course Prerequisites: CS 5343 (Data Structures) or equivalent (Fast-track students should have taken CS 4349) Contents Description: 1. Introduction (Algorithms, asymptotic notation, recurrence relations…) 2. Sorting and Order Statistics (Heapsort, Quicksort, Median & Order Statistics…) 3. Algorithm Design Techniques (Divide-and-Conquer, Dynamic Programming, Greedy technique…) 4. Algorithms Involving Sets and Sequences (Binary Search Trees, Pattern Matching, Union-Find…) 5. Graph Algorithms (Graph Search, Minimum-Cost Spanning Trees, Shortest Paths, Network Flows…) 6. Geometric Algorithms (Basic geometric algorithms incl. Convex Hull, Closest Pairs …) 7. Algebraic Algorithms (Polynomials, Matrix Multiplication, Fast Fourier Transform…) 8. Linear Programming (if time allows) (Simplex Method, Duality…) 9. NP-Completeness (Polynomial-time reducibilities, NP-completeness, Cook’s Theorem, NP-complete problems) Course Description: The study of efficient algorithms for various computational problems. Algorithm design techniques. Sorting, manipulation of data structures, graphs, matrix multiplication, and pattern matching. Complexity of algorithms, lower bounds, NP completeness. Prerequisite: CS 5343 (3-0) S Course Objectives: Asymptotic notations, recurrences, algorithm analysis. Divide and conquer algorithms. Greedy algorithms. Dynamic programming algorithms. Graph algorithms. Flow networks. NP-completeness.Required Textbooks and Materials: T. Cormen, C. Leiserson, R. Rivest & C. Stein.: “Introduction to Algorithms”, MIT Press, (3rd edition) 2009. Copies of class notes, HW assignments and solutions will be uploaded on UTD eLearning Suggested Further Reading Materials: Sipser, M.: “Introduction to the Theory of Computation”, Thomas Course Technology, 2nd Edition, 2013. Arora, S & Barak, B.: “Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach”, Cambridge University Press, 2009. Vazirani, V.: “Approximation Algorithms”, Springer 2003. Assignments and Academic Calendar/Grade Scale: - Homework assignments 10% (Solutions of HW problems will be posted on eLearning.) (HW assignments are due in class on the date given. Late HWs will not be accepted. If you are not able to attend a class, you’re responsible for any announcements/handouts. HW assignments can be found on eLearning.) - Exam #1 (85 minutes) 25% Wednesday, Sept. 26, 10:00 am - Exam #2 (85 minutes) 30% Wednesday, Oct. 31, 10:00 am - Exam #3 (120 minutes) 35% TBD Course and Instructor Policies: - No comprehensive final exam will be given. Students are required to have two photo IDs during the exams. - Students are encouraged to discuss HW problems. However, your submission must be your own work. Anyone caught cheating on HWs will receive zero credit. - If you decide to stop attending class, be sure to drop the course since you will not be dropped automatically. - Any student wishing to contest a grade on a HW should contact the TA. - Exams #1 and #2 will be returned to students after the grades are announced. Students have a window of 2 weeks to review their exams. Your request to re-grade your exam paper must be submitted in writing. After this 2-week period, no request for regarding will be considered. - Exam #3 will be kept by the instructor for one semester. Anyone wishing to review his/her exam #3 can make an appointment with the instructor or see him during his OHs. - All exams will be graded by the instructor. HWs will be graded by the TA. UT Dallas Syllabus Policies and Procedures The information contained in the following link constitutes the University’s policies and procedures segment of the course syllabus. Please go to for these policies. These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the

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