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BIOG 1140: FOUNDATIONS OF BIOLOGY Fall 2019 Instructor: Dr. Robert Turgeon [email protected] 255-8395 (Office) 277-2849 Home (24/7) Lectures in Kennedy Hall; 116 Call Auditorium Tuesdays and Thursdays: 11:40 – 12:55 (see schedule below) Discussion sessions with TAs: Instructor office hours: 256 Plant Science Bldg. By appointment ([email protected]) TA Office Hours: To be arranged at your first Discussion session Textbook: Campbell BIOLOGY: Concepts and Connections, 9th Edition, by Taylor et al. (Pearson). The eTextbook is cheaper. The hardcover version can be purchased online. To purchase the eTextbook go to: The eTextbook can also be purchased from Amazon and other sellers, but quality is not guaranteed and I have seen at least one expiration date of Sept 16, the day before the exam! Course Materials are Copyrighted: All course materials, including lectures, exams, and Discussion and Study Group materials are copyrighted. Buying or selling these materials without express permission of the instructor(s) constitutes academic misconduct. Grading Policy: o Quizzes (2; in class) 40 points o Clicker Questions 10 points o Discussions (11) 25 points o Comprehensive Final Exam 25 points 100 points Final exam date and time: Schedule to be published mid-August Attendance Policy: o Make-ups for quizzes and final exam must be pre-arranged. University policies concerning make-ups: We will adhere strictly to these policies; do not miss a test and ask for a make-up later.Date Lecture Topics Chapter Discussion (Starts Mondays) R 8/29 Introduction (Evolution) 1 No Discussion T 9/3 Chemical Basis of Life 2,3 R 9/5 Cell Chemistry: Do cats taste sweet? 3; 10.2-10.3 T 9/10 A Tour of the Cell 4 Evolution Game Show R 9/12 DNA/Osmosis 5.3-5.4; 10.4 -10.8 T 9/17 The Working Cell 5 Osmosis Workshop R 9/19 Cell Energetics I 6 T 9/24 Cell Energetics II 6 Metabolic Pathways Faceoff R 9/26 NO LECTURE 31 T 10/1 QUIZ 1: LECTURES thru 9/24 Plant Reproduction and Isolation R 10/3 Plant Structure, Growth and Reproduction T 10/8 Nutrition 32.6 - 32.14 21.14 -21.21 Carla the Carbon Atom (assignment due week of 10/28) R 10/10 Photosynthesis 7 T 10/15 FALL BREAK No Discussion Week of 10/14 R 10/17 Mitosis and Meiosis 8 T 10/22 Patterns of Inheritance I 9 Genetics Jeopardy R 10/24 Patterns of Inheritance II 9 T 10/29 DNA I 10 Genetics: Kentucky Blues (Carla essay due) R 10/31 DNA II 10 T 11/5 Infectious Diseases 10 Ulcers: A Case Study R 11/7 QUIZ 2: LECTURES 10/3 thru 10/31 T 11/12 Gene Regulation (prokaryotes) 11 Viral Think Tank R 11/14 Gene Regulation (eukaryotes) 11 T 11/19 DNA Technology I 11 Evolution: Domesticated Foxes R 11/21 DNA Technology II 12 T 11/26 Reproduction and Embryology 27.1-5 and 27.7-14 No Discussion Week of 11/25 THANKSGIVING T 12/3 Evolution I 13 Druid Dracula: DNA Forensics R 12/5 Evolution II 14; 19-10 to 19-16 T 12/10 Evolution III 15 No

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