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UCSB CLASS 40 - Greek Myth Paper Thesis and Roadmap

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Quynn HoangAllene Seet Wednesday 8AM CLASS 4015 November 2019The Odysseys vs. The Pirate of the CaribbeanThesis: In this paper, I will discuss how the adventure of Jack Sparrow and his crew sailing on the sea of Caribbean in the movie The Pirate of Caribbean resembles the journey home of Odysseus to his kingdom in Ithaca. I will focus on the mythology of Odysseus by comparing the complementary character traits of Jack Sparrow and Odysseus and how they both encounter similar obstacles in their journey. The analysis of this film allows us to see not only how adventure of Jack Sparrow and his crew is based on the Odyssey, but how both of these stories use mythical moral allegory to employ a message. In the introduction paragraph, I am planning to briefly explain the background of both stories and discuss what I will explore in detail about the scenes in The Pirates of Caribbean as well as the characteristics of Jack Sparrow and Odysseus. There are two scenes that I am planning to elaborate on. First scene is when the pirate crew gets eaten by the Kraken on the ship. This scene is similar to when Odysseus men get eaten by the Cyclops even though they were on the island instead of a ship. I chose this scene because the monsters belong or related to the sea, such that Kraken is a gigantic octopus and Cyclops is the son of the sea god Poseidon, and the way they attacked their victims is to eat them. Second scene is when the Sirens seductively lured in the crew. In both the Odyssey and The Pirate of Caribbean movie, the Sirenshave the same tactics to seduce the crew. The Sirens used their beautiful faces and vocals tohypnotize the crew, then attack them. Though the appearances of the Sirens differ in each story but the moral allegory behind the stories are similar. The Sirens represents a powerful metaphor for temptation and how our senses, especially our eyes and ears, are vulnerable to the seductive and alluring sins in society. Lastly, I want to compare the journey and characteristics of Jack Sparrow and Odysseus. These stories complement each other because the pirates sail over the Caribbean sea just like Odysseus journeys through the ocean to get back to his home in Ithaca. Jack Sparrow is the captain of his crew and so is Odysseus. They are both intelligent, great fighters, and have a witty mouth that can win or manipulate his audience

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